Activotrade review – Is ActivoTrade a scam?


What is Activotrade?

Activotrade is one of the most interesting brokers in the Spanish market that was founded in 2008, and which covers global financial markets, from stocks to futures, through CFDs, Forex or options.

This broker is regulated by the Spanish CNMV and by the Portuguese regulator, and is also insured by Fogain, the Spanish Investors General Guarantee Fund.

The Pro accounts of clients of this broker are segregated in banks in the United States and protected by the strict legislation of that country. This is because this type of account works with the well-known American broker Interactive Brokers.

As we just said, this broker offers an account type called ActivoPro, but it also offers three other account types: INFX, Activomini and Activoplus.

This makes it very interesting, since the offer of ActivoTrade is very wide and variable, since with each type of account you have an association with a different broker of international prestige.

Invest in the world’s leading social trading platform

Risk warning!

In the case of the mini account it is with the well-known social trading broker Ayondo, and for Plus with one of the world leaders: Saxo Bank . In the INFX account, he collaborates with ACM Group, one of the leading brokers in the British CFD and Forex market.

As all these brokers are regulated by the CNMV and the FCA , in Spain and England, they are covered in the protection of investor money by the Spanish Fogain and the British FSCS, which protect the balance sheets of investors in the event of bankruptcy. for amounts between £ 50,000 and € 100,000.

In the pro account, the main one, the broker is the named Interactive Brokers.

Open Trade Asset account and minimum deposit

Opening an account with ActivoTrade is easy.

We have to fill out the electronic form with our data and later send copies of our identification documents and proof of residence, such as a electricity or water bill, for example.

The minimum deposit to open account with this broker is 2,500 for INFX, € 3,500 for mini, 7,000 for plus and 10,000 for pro.

Deposits can be made by credit or debit card or by transfer, at least in the smallest accounts. In the majors, the transfer method must be used.

Activotrade courses


In addition, this broker conducts constant training courses and free webinars.

Among them we can find the following:

Courses in the form of online technical analysis talks .
Online tutorial of “know the types of orders on the Stock Market”.
On-site technical analysis courses.
Online course “Maximize your investment with CFDs “.
Tutorial “10 golden rules to win on the Stock Market”.
The book Bolsa para dummies , by Josef Ajram
Webinars, being one of the Spanish brokers with a more extensive offer of free training webinars. We can enjoy several normally a week.
Tutorials on platforms, especially useful


Activotrade commissions and accounts

Comparison of main commissions in the different accounts:

Discover which are the best brokers on the market

INFX Mini Plus Pro
Spain shares 0.07% Min 7 EUR 0.08% 0.08 to 0.12%. Minimum 12 EUR 0.07%. Minimum 7 EUR
US Shares $ 0.02 per share Min $ 7 0.10% 0.10 to 0.12% Minimum 8 USD $ 0.015 / share. Minimum 7 USD
DAX 30 1 spread 1 spread 2 or 1.5 spread 3.51 commission
EURUSD 0.8 pipos 0.8 pipos 1.1 to 1.6 pipos 0.0055%. Minimum 5 USD
CFD gold 3 spread 0.5 spread 1.1 spread 0.008%. Minimum 5 USD
ActivoTrade INFX account

As we saw before on the subject of deposit, this is the most basic account of ActivoTrade, with which we can open by depositing 2,500 euros, and we will be able to trade in the CFD markets up to 200 financial products among which are CFDs of stocks, indices, raw materials, metals and bonds.

Here we can operate with commissions on the CFDs of shares, which range from 0.07% and a minimum of 7 EUR for Spanish shares, to trade CFDs on indices or raw materials without commissions, only applying the spread.

In the SP500 we have a spread of 0.4, and in the DAX 30 of 1.

The platform of this account is available for both PC and mobile.

The service will be for the most part free, with no administration, custody or maintenance fees.

Activotrade mini account

The mini account offers the possibility of trading CFDs on all types of financial assets, from stocks, currencies, indices or raw materials.

The platform will be web-based and can also be accessed by mobile.

Activotrade CFD commissions

Commissions on CFDs of Spanish shares are 0.08% with no minimum commission. Those of Germany 0.10% and those of the US the same.

Other commissions are: 4 points for the IBEX, 1 for the DAX, 0.5 for the SP500, 1 pip for the EURUSD, 5 for gold and 0.2 for oil.

There are no maintenance and custody fees, but there are financing fees for being CFDs.

Active LeverageTrade Europe

In July 2018, a new maximum leverage will be applied for traders residing in Europe by ESMA regulations. The same, which will apply to Forex products and CFDs we have in the following table:

products New leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin
Activotrade plus account

The plus account works with the Danish provider SaxoBank , and with its famous platform Saxotrader, which can be used on PC, web or mobile.

Commissions for shares are 0.08% or a minimum of € 12 for Spanish shares, 0.15% or 12 for German shares, 0.15% or $ 15 for those in the US.

The index and forex CFDs will be 12 pips for the IBEX, 3.25 for the SP500, 3 pips for the EURUSD and 0.7 for gold.

Activotrade future commissions

Risk warning

Futures are also offered with a minimum commission of $ 10 for the SP E-Mini, for example.

There is no custody or maintenance cost, but there is a commission of $ 100 in case of account inactivity for 6 months.

Activotrade pro

This account works with the Interactive Brokers platform , which can be used on PC or mobile.

The offer of products in this service is total, with practically all the markets in the world, highlighting the wide offer of stocks and futures.

The commissions on shares will be 0.015 cents for the Americans with a minimum of $ 7 and discounts for purchases of more than 1,250 titles.

For CFDs on shares, 0.07% on German and Spanish shares, with a minimum of € 7, and discounts to buy over 50 thousand euros.

For those in the US, they will be 0.014 cents and a minimum of $ 7, with discounts for purchases over 1,250 titles.

The index CFDs will have from 0.0065% for the DAX, with a minimum of € 2.5. And 0.016% on the SP500 with a minimum of $ 2.5.

In futures we will have from $ 3.66 minimum for the SP500.

In forex we will have a typical spread of 0.5 in the EURUSD, with a commission of $ 5 per lot. In gold we will have a typical spread of 0.15 and a commission of $ 5 per lot.

As is evident, the pro account commissions are among the best on the market.

Activotrade review

This is one of the best brokers in the Spanish and European market, without a doubt.

A broker that has greatly improved since its inception.

One of the keys to his recent success is his association with Josef Ajram, one of the best-known characters in the world of trading in Spain, the author of several books.

With the possibility of operating even as an agent of Interactive Brokers, ActivoTrade offers us therefore the highest quality trading.

But it is that even in its Mini and Plus accounts, it offers excellent conditions, with its association with one of the great leaders of the world brokerage: Saxo Bank.

In this way we can find ourselves with doubts to open an account or another depending on our preferences.

For example, it may be that we prefer the Pro to operate with cheaper trading commissions, but on the other hand the ones that the other two accounts give us may be more than enough and we choose them simply because their platforms seem better to us. Let’s remember that the Interactive Brokers platform is difficult to assimilate at first, or you love or hate it, basically.

In recent times it has added another product to the offer, facilitating the opening of accounts for retail investors with its INFX account, in alliance with the London group ACM.

This is, without a doubt, an improvement, since lowering the bar of 3,500 euros of minimum account deposit to 2,500 will increase the number of traders who open accounts with this broker.

However, in this regard, and in my opinion, I think they should have sought a lower account opening limit. In other words, instead of being 2,500, the minimum would be 1,000 or 1,500, which would still be high enough and, at the same time, would have an even greater incentive to attract more clients than the 2,500 limit; Well there is no doubt that the number of clients in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 euros to open trading accounts is very high.

Anyway, I like this policy of having a high minimum deposit, because it is something that gives quality and prestige to the broker, who is not looking for clients at any price.

Activotrade reviews

Being such a popular broker, it is one of the brokers most used by the Spanish investment community, which is why we have numerous opinions on sites such as rankia , tradingunited or the virtual exchange.

Most of the opinions are good, because we are talking about a very serious broker, regulated by the CNMV and which is strong in the stock and futures markets, less prone to problems.

Likewise, some complaints can be found, but usually they are more technical in nature than anything else.

In the latest opinions we have found, in 2018 , we continue with the same line. That is, we find a broker with minor and very serious problems.

People worry about things like the 100 euros commission for lack of activity in 6 months, but honestly, if you are going to be without operating even once in six months, it is a very minority case in the world of brokers and investment. . If you want to buy a share and not trade for years, it is better to look for a broker like ING or DeGiro , then.

Activotrade is a broker with whom we will not see many accusations of scam, if not any.

We will probably find private and specialist brokers in a market with better conditions than Activotrade, but from a general point of view, this is one of the most complete brokers on the market.

One of the brokers to consider, without a doubt.

Is ActivoTrade a scam?


ActivoTrade is one of the most serious and secure brokers in the entire brokerage scene in Spain and Europe.

It has alliances with the most important brokers in the online sector in the world, such as Interactive Brokers or Saxo Bank, so we can be sure that our money is safe.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the broker may fail, or one of your allied brokers may fail, but that is a highly unlikely scenario and no more likely that a large bank will fail.

For more information, visit the website .

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