ActivTrades deposit – How to make a deposit at ActivTrades?

In this second article , from the series of three in which we show you how the ActivTrades online broker works , we are going to see how to make a money deposit . We will analyze the forms of income available and the particularities that you must take into account in each of them.

As you can see below, depositing funds into your ActivTrades account is a simple and quick process . The funds of the clients of this company are deposited in bank accounts independent from those of the broker itself, and cannot be used or affected by the financial situation of the company.

The customers of ActivTrades are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme UK guaranteeing the first 50,000 pounds of each investor and higher this broker has a policy with Lloyd’s insured up to an additional 500,000 poundsfor each investor.

In this sense, ActivTrades is one of the online Forex and CFD brokers that provides a greater number of guarantees regarding the security of the funds deposited by its clients.

How is a money deposited into your ActivTrades account?

In the previous article ( Opening an Account in the ActivTrades Broker) we have covered the application form for a trading account, we have sent the necessary documents to verify our identity and address, we have received our access data and finally, we have downloaded and MetaTrader 4 platform installed.

Now, to deposit funds and make the account ready to start investing you must complete the following steps:

1 – Access your client area from the “LOGIN” link that you will find on the ActivTrades website. You must indicate the e-mail address and password that you have previously established for your personal area (See last point of step 4 of the previous article ).

2 – In the initial menu of the personal area, within the ” Active Accounts ” area, click on the ” Make a deposit ” option :

Next, it will show us the payment methods available to make a money deposit in ActivTrades :

IMPORTANT : The correct choice of payment method to make your deposit is a key point to be able to start investing quickly and above all, so that you do not have problems when withdrawing the money later .

ActivTrades , as it happens in many other online brokers, has the policy on deposits and withdrawals of funds to execute withdrawals through the same means of payment by which you have deposited the funds .

For example, if you have deposited your funds by credit card, at the time of withdrawal they will try to refund the money to the same card. If you do it by transfer, they will try to reimburse you the money in the same bank account, … Therefore, it is important that this means of payment is still available when you go to withdraw the money and also that, in case they ask you for it. , you can show that you are the owner of that card, bank account, …

Online brokers often work in this way to meet the security requirements of their regulatory bodies and as a measure against money laundering. Withdrawal of funds is one of the most delicate points and that raises the most doubts among clients of regulated brokers such as ActivTrades, but, knowing this way of operating, you will be able to avoid problems when withdrawing your money.

ActivTrades payment methods:

The payment methods available to make a deposit in your account are the following:

– Credit / Debit Cards : You can make your deposit with a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro credit or debit card … This card must be in your name. The first deposit is free but in the following they carry a 1.5% commission. The balance will be added to your account and will be processed almost immediately. Also keep in mind that if you deposit funds by card when you want to withdraw them, you can only withdraw the maximum amount deposited by card. Any benefit that you get greater than the amount of the deposit you will have to withdraw it by bank transfer (More information in the following article ).
– Bank transfer : You can also make your deposit by bank transfer to a Barclays Bank account. ActivTrades will provide you with all the data to make the transfer. Your bank may charge you some type of commission for making this bank transfer since it is an international transfer. Once you make the transfer, the money will take between 2 to 5 working days to be received and processed by ActivTrades.
– Skrill : Skrill , formerly known as MoneyBookers, is an electronic payment method with which you can also deposit money into your ActivTrades account. The balance will be added to your account in a matter of minutes and ActivTrades does not apply any commission for deposits or withdrawals through this means.
– Neteller : This is another electronic payment method similar to Skrill. There is no commission from ActivTrades and the balance will be added to your account and will be processed in a few minutes.

3 – Choose the way you think is most convenient to make the deposit and the amount of money you consider appropriate to start investing.

We for this real experience of deposit and withdrawal of funds have deposited € 200 in our trading account through Skrill .

In our case, after choosing Skrill as the payment method, we must select our ActivTrades Trading account , indicate the amount we want to deposit and the email address that identifies our Skrill account . Finally we press the ” Next ” button and then, after a confirmation message, the Skrill payment page opens and we are asked to log in with our account and confirm the corresponding payment.

After completing these steps we receive the following message on the ActivTrades website:

Within minutes we also receive the following confirmation by email that our deposit has been processed :

Our deposit has been processed in a few minutes . Keep in mind that this period is variable . It will depend on the day and time you make the deposit and especially the means of payment you have used.

With these steps, our trading account at ActivTrades online broker is ready to start investing . In the next article , and last in this series about our real experience, we will show you how the process of withdrawing money from your account works:


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