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In this article we are going to show you step by step our real experience with the opening of a trading account in the online broker ActivTrades . We will initially see the steps that make up the registration request form , then we show you the documents you must send to verify your account and finally we will download and install the MetaTrader 4 platform .

This is the first in a series of three articles that capture our real experience with ActivTrades. In the following articles we will make a money deposit in our account, execute an operation and then request the withdrawal of funds so that you can see in a graphic and detailed way how these processes are carried out in this online broker.

ActivTrades is an online broker with headquarters in London , which has good reputation , and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. It is a broker without a trading desk (No Dealing Desk) that offers you direct access to the market and the possibility of using any trading strategy without restrictions (scalping, hedging, expert advisors, …).

With ActivTrades you can invest in more than 50 forex currency pairs and in CFDs on indices, stocks, metals, oil, … It offers the ActivTrader (web format), MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms .

How to open an account in the ActivTrades broker?

The steps to open a trading account with ActivTrades are as follows:

1 – To apply for registration of your account at ActivTrades please click here .

2 – The next step is to fill in the form with the data that the broker asks you:

Initially you must cover a series of basic data such as name and surname, email, country and telephone. Once these data are completed, click on the “Next Step” button and you will have to cover the following steps of the registration request form.

The data requested by ActivTrades mostly coincide with that requested by other online brokers. Many of them, such as the financial situation and the trading experience, are often asked to meet the demands of regulatory bodies.

– Personal information : Date of birth and information about your current address.
– Financial information : Details about your financial situation, trading experience and work situation.
– Account information : At this point you must indicate the financial instruments with which you want to trade (in our case we mark Forex & CFDs), the type of account (we mark the MT4 Classic Account), the currency of the account (EUR) , the initial deposit (we are going to deposit € 200) and lastly if your account is going to be managed by someone else (we mark NO).
– Legal documents : In this last step you must verify that all the data entered in the previous steps is correct and finally read and accept the legal documents about the terms and conditions of the services offered by ActivTrades.

After completing the previous steps you will receive the following confirmation message . You can fill in the requested data or click on the “Close Window” button:


3 – Next, you will receive an email from ActivTrades , in the email account you have provided in the registration form, thanking you for the account request and asking you for the following:

Due to the demands of the regulatory bodies to which ActivTrades is subject (as is the case in most regulated online brokers), to open a trading account it is necessary that you previously send the broker a proof that proves your identity and another that show your current address .

– Proof of Identity : You must send a document that proves your identity. You can use a copy of your ID, your passport or your driving license . It has to be an official document that shows your identity and is valid (the document you send must not be expired).

Ideally, you should have any of these documents scanned and in a file in PDF, GIF or JPG format. The image must have good quality and be readable, otherwise it may give you problems to verify it. If you do not have a scanner you can use your mobile camera or a digital camera but it is important that the image is perfectly legible.

– Proof of Address :

In this case, it is that you send a document that shows the address of your current address . You will have to send a perfectly legible invoice scanned or photographed in PDF, GIF or JPG format that clearly shows your name and address and be recent (not exceeding 3 months). It must correspond to a recurring utility bill (for example, electricity, water, gas or landline). You can also pass this verification test with a recent bank statement showing your address. They do not accept mobile phone bills or online account statements.


4 – After completing the previous steps, the submitted documentation must be reviewed and verified by ActivTrades .

In our case, the account has been validated and activated in approximately 4 hours . Please note that this verification period is variable and will largely depend on the day and time you send the documents. If you do it on weekdays, they will most likely validate in less than 24 hours.

If the validation is negative, carefully review all the requirements that we discussed above regarding identity and address tests and if you have any questions, you can contact ActivTrades customer support   by e-mail, telephone or via Online Chat.

As soon as the documentation validation is positive, you will receive a warning email like the following:

In this email you have the following useful information:

Username : It matches your ActivTrades account number and is the data that you will use as a username to connect to your account on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
Password : This is the password to connect to your account on the trading platform.
Server : It is the server to which you must connect in MetaTrader 4 to access your account.
MetaTrader 4 download link : We will use it shortly to download the trading platform and install it on our computer.
Link to create a password for your personal area : To access your customer area on the Activtrades website, you must first click on this link and then indicate and confirm the password you want to establish . Finally click on the ” Send Request ” button.


5 – Now we are going to download and install the MetaTrader 4 platform . To download MetaTrader 4 you can click on the link that you will receive in the previous email .

Save the installation file on your computer and when it is downloaded, proceed to execute it . Click the ” Next ” button and wait for the installation process to finish.


6 – After finishing the installation you will have an icon on your desktop to start the ActivTrades MT4 platform . Double click on it and the trading platform will launch.

Then close the “Open an account” box by clicking on the “Cancel” button . We are now going to configure our access data to connect with our ActivTrades trading account. To do this, access through the top menu option “File” >> “Login to Trade Account” .

You must enter in the Username field your account number that appeared in the “Username” section of the registration email you received from ActivTrades. In the Password field you must enter the corresponding password and in Server you must select in the drop-down list the one that corresponds to your account that also appears in the registration email.

Finally, it is advisable to check the box “Save account information” so that you remember our connection data and avoid having to enter them every time we use the platform. Finally press the ” Login ” button.


After completing these steps you will have your ActivTrades account open and the MetaTrader 4 trading platform installed and configured .

In the next article in this series that shows our experience with ActivTrades we will show you how to deposit funds into your account to start investing:


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