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ActivTrades Reviews, When we are evaluating the possibility of opening a trading account with an online broker, it is important to pay attention to the Reviews expressed by the trading community . They are a very reliable and useful source of information when choosing any provider. In this article we will see how users value the different aspects of the service offered by ActivTrades .

What is ActivTrades?


ActivTrades is one of the main English CFDs, Forex and Spread Betting brokers. One of the brokes with a good market reputation, which customers tend to rate quite well – more about broker reviews at the end of the post.

This broker is regulated by the English FCA and is also registered in most jurisdictions of the European Union, including the CNMV . It is also registered and regulated by the Bahamas SCB, where it has another affiliate.

ActivTrades has a strong presence in the main countries of the euro zone, Germany, France and Italy. It has also acquired a significant market share in emerging markets.

ActivTrades is currently striving to gain a greater presence in these markets, including South America.

Is ActivTrades safe?

ActivTrades is protected by the British FSCS and also has insurance with Lloyd’s of London whereby clients have their funds protected up to £ 1,000,000. This figure may be higher if required.

One of the advantages of ActivTrades is its protection against negative balances, promising its clients that the company will cover any negative balance it may have, remaining in that case at zero.

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Risk warning!

Furthermore, following the good habit of the best British brokers, ActivTrades provides segregated accounts for the deposits of its clients.

Open account with ActivTrades

Opening an account with Activtrades is relatively easy.

First we will have to fill in our personal data on the web, later our financial and account data and then our experience in the world of investment.

If we have passed this initial step we will be asked to send by email a proof of our residence (receipt of supplies for example) and of our identity document for which a photo or scan of both documents will suffice.

An advantage of this broker is that it gives us two options to open an account: one with the head office in London, with leverage of 30: 1 maximum (due to ESMA) and another with the subsidiary of the Bahamas, with leverage of 400: one.

The minimum deposit to open an account is 100 USD, EUR, GBP or CHF.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made by card, transfer, Neteller, Skrill or Netbanx.

If we have any questions in our account opening or when we are already negotiating with the broker, we can contact customer service, which is quite efficient, having the following possibilities, of course, also in Spanish:

Live Chat
Email: and others like info @
Telephone: +34 911 436 554 or ask them to call us for free
Online form
Education and training with ActivTrades

ActivTrades offers various training pathways in the markets. Among them we have:

One-to-one training, with which they will teach how to use the platform, how to use trading tools and an explanation of the different markets.
Seminars, which he conducts regularly. Many of them are made in Spain, such as the series of: Masterclass on the world of trading
Webinars, which are held fairly regularly, initially every week. The number of webinars in Spanish is quite large, many times daily
MetaTrader 4, 5, Autochartist, Smartlines, etc. Handbooks.
We also have video tutorials, especially related to the Metatrader 4 platform and its usability.
ActivTrades products and conditions

In July 2018, a new maximum leverage began to be applied to traders residing in Europe by ESMA regulations. The same, which will apply to Forex products and CFDs we have in the following table:

products New leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin

However, the leverage will be different if we can access the professional client classification.

Anyway, as this is a major international broker it also gives us the possibility to open an account with the Bahamas subsidiary where European traders will have no restrictions and will be able to trade with leverage of up to 400 to 1, depending on the product.

Of course, all these ESMA issues do not affect traders from other regions, such as South America.

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ActivTrades spreads and commissions

Minimum spread Minimum size
EURUSD 0.5 0.01 (1k)
USDJPY 0.5 0.01
GBPUSD 0.8 0.01
EURJPY one 0.01
DAX 30 one x 25 (multiplying the index price)
IBEX 35 5 x 10
S&P 500 0.5 x 50
Bund 0.02 x 1,000
Petroleum 0.03 x 10
Gold 0.35 –
Bitcoin 30 0.01
Ethereum 4.5 0.01
CFDs stocks Europe 0.05% / minimum 1 EUR –
CFDs shares UK 0.10% / minimum 1 GBP –
CFDs US stocks 0.02 cent x share / minimum 1 USD –

This is one of the most important Forex brokers at a European level, where we will be able to trade fairly good conditions with spreads of up to 0.5 in the EURUSD.

In the Forex we can operate up to minilotes (0.01).

In other important markets, however, such as indices, bonds or oil, we have quite high nominal contracts, practically like the futures markets to which they refer.

In contrast, in CFDs of stocks and cryptocurrencies the minimum trading size is quite good.

The range of products, as we see, is quite good.

ActivTrades spread betting

The Spread Betting is aimed at the British public, since in that country said product enjoys specific regulatory treatment.

ActivTrades also offers a free subscription to Autochartist, one of the best intraday trading tools.

One of the best ways to perform Technical Analysis .

ActivTrades Platforms

Activtrades has a good range of platforms and tools.

The main broker platform is a proprietary platform called ActivTrades with which we can trade from the web or mobile.

Of course, we have Metatrader 4 and also Metatrader 5.

With the 4 we will be able to trade most of the instruments offered by the broker except the CFDs of shares.

Despite the development of the Metatrader 5, the 4 is still the public’s favorite.

As we just discussed, the Metatrader 5 differs from the 4 in that it has CFDs of shares, being otherwise quite similar to the legendary previous version.

ActivTrades tools

One of the advantages of ActivTrades is that it has several own market tools.

SmartOrder 2: tool to improve the speed of orders on MT4 and MT5 platforms
SmartLines: algorithm that allows orders to be placed on MT4 and MT5 following trend lines that we have marked on the chart
SmartCalculator: market position calculator to know how much we are going to lose or gain before trading.
SmartTemplate: with this application we can have notions of when the market is entering or leaving a trend
SmartForecast: an advanced technical analysis version of Metatrader 4 that automatically calculates support and resistance points
SmartPatter: this is an exclusive indicator of ActivTrades with which we can identify patterns and possible occurrences in the future, since it analyzes the past data and puts them in an analytical way
Pivot Points Indicator: another exclusive indicator of the broker
Country: UK
Regulation: FCA, CNMV, MiFID.
Foundation: 2001.
Customer service: 24/5 in Spanish.
Products: CFDs, Forex, Spread Betting.
Minimum deposit: $ 100
Deposit forms: transfer, card, Neteller, Skrill.
Platform: Metatrader 4 and 5.
Leverage: 400: 1 in forex.
Commissions: spread in Forex, indices and raw materials. Minimum $ 1, € or GBP for shares. No maintenance fees.
ActivTrades reviews

This is one of the best English CFD and forex brokers, which has had a fairly good reputation for many years.

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Risk warning

However, the trading size in commodity and index CFDs is so large that it does not make it an optimal broker for small and medium accounts, at least for those instruments.

In fact, index CFDs have such a large nominal that they are only suitable for large accounts, in our opinion.

However, in stocks it has a fairly low transaction cost, with a minimum of only € 1, which makes it attractive for small as well as large accounts.

In this sense, it is one of the best stock CFD brokers that we can find in the market.

The offer in cryptocurrencies is also quite good with good conditions in Bitcoin trading, among others, where we can operate with great flexibility, from 0.01 in size and with a good spread, and without commissions, making this one of the best brokers in cryptocurrencies from the market, no doubt.

After ESMA, it has been one of the brokers that best escaped it, since having a subsidiary in Bahamas can offer trading from it without restricting the leverage of Europe.

As for the opinions about it, we can find it in several places, both Spanish and Rankia, as well as foreigners like Trade2win.

At ForexPeaceArmy he even has an acceptable reputation, with three stars out of 5, better than most brokers in the sector.

We can also find some references on Reddit or Forex Factory .

Is ActivTrades a legit broker?

ActivTrades is generally a fairly trustworthy broker as we find almost no serious negative reviews, like they don’t return money and the like.

Most complaints are usually for minor reasons, such as trading or account openings.

I think we are facing one of the most serious brokers in the CFD market.

Most of these opinions are positive, being one of the best rated brokers on the market.

For more information visit the website .

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