ActivTrades Withdrawal : How Withdraw Money Broker ActivTrades?


This is the last article , in the series of three articles, in which we show you how the ActivTrades online broker works . Below we will see in detail the process of withdrawing money from your trading account, what are the available forms and the particularities that you should take into account.

As in the previous articles, we want to show you this process step by step through our real experience . For this we have first opened an account on ActivTrades , then we have deposited funds and now, after carrying out an operation, we are going to request the withdrawal of money . In this way you will check how this online broker works and how these operations are carried out step by step.

How to withdraw money in the ActivTrades online broker?

In the previous article (How to make a Deposit in ActivTrades) we have seen the steps to make a deposit in ActivTrades and we have deposited € 200 in our trading account that have been processed and are ready to start investing.

We have then opened a sell position on the EUR / USD currency pair and closed it with a profit of € 2.10. Now we are going to continue with the process and request the withdrawal of funds (€ 200 of the initial deposit plus those € 2.10 of benefits, in total € 202.10)


1 – We access our client area through the ActivTrades website and in the initial menu, within the ” Active Accounts ” area, click on the option ” I would like to withdraw funds “:


Below are the payment methods available to withdraw money :


When choosing the way to withdraw money on ActivTrades you should take into account the following: ActivTrades’ withdrawal policy is to refund the money of your clients by the same means of payment by which the funds have been deposited . This happens in the majority of regulated online brokers and it is a requirement of the regulatory bodies aimed primarily at ensuring the safety of funds and to prevent money laundering.

For example, in the event that you have deposited your funds by credit or debit card, it will always try to refund your money to that same card; if you did it by transfer, they will try to do it to the same bank account, if like we did it by Skrill, they will try to return it to the same Skrill account,…

For this reason, as we indicated in the previous article about the deposit of funds in ActivTrades , it is very important that you choose the way in which you are going to deposit the money to avoid problems when you want to withdraw it .

You must always be the cardholder, bank account, Skrill account, Neteller, … through which you deposit funds and that form of payment must remain in effect when you go to request the withdrawal of your money.

ActivTrades Withdrawal payment methods:

Additionally, keep in mind the following considerations for each of the payment methods:

– Credit / Debit Cards : You can request the withdrawal of money through the same debit or credit card that you used to deposit funds but up to a maximum of the amount deposited . ActivTrades really does a return of your deposit (partial or total depending on the amount you ask to withdraw) and cannot return any higher amount. Any benefit obtained that exceeds the deposit amount will be paid by bank transfer . Example: You deposit € 300 per card and get benefits of € 50. If you want to request the withdrawal of the € 350 from your account because the € 300 of the deposit will be returned to you by refunding the deposit on the same card and the € 50 of benefits you can withdraw by transfer to a bank account (they will usually ask you to demonstrate the ownership of the bank account with an extract in which your data appears).
– Skrill or Neteller : If you have deposited money through any of these two electronic payment methods, any request to withdraw funds will be executed in the same Skrill or Neteller account that you have used. Unlike what happens with credit or debit cards, there is no money limit to withdraw by this means and therefore you can withdraw to your Skrill or Neteller account both the amount of the deposit and any benefits you have obtained. That is why we consider that Skrill or Neteller are the most practical and fastest way to deposit and withdraw money in Activtrades.
– Bank transfer : If you have deposited funds by transfer you can withdraw them in the same bank account. You can use the withdrawal by transfer also to receive the benefits obtained above the amount of your deposit in the event that you have made said deposit by credit or debit card (in this case you will generally be asked to demonstrate the ownership of the account bank with a statement showing your data). Keep in mind that the bank transfer is a slower method than the previous ones since since it is an international transfer, the money will take between 2 to 6 working days to be reflected in your bank account.

2 – We continue with the withdrawal process . We have selected Skrill to withdraw the funds since it is the same way in which we made the deposit. When selecting this payment method, you ask us for the following:

– From the Account : In this case, the ID of our ActivTrades trading account comes out by default.
– To the Skrill Account : We indicate the email address that identifies our Skrill account.
– Quantity : The amount we want to withdraw. In our case we mark € 202.10.

Then we press the “Next” button .

After confirming the withdrawal details, we received the following message:

We also received an email confirming receipt of the withdrawal request:


3 – Finally, we can only wait to receive the money . In our case, we requested the withdrawal of money at 11 am and at 6:58 pm the same day the money was already in our Skrill account, so the process was completed in about 8 hours . Keep in mind that this period is variable since it depends on the day and time you request the withdrawal of money (it is not the same to do it on a working day than on the weekend, …) and it also depends largely on the form of payment for which the withdrawal of funds is carried out since, for example, it is much faster by an electronic means of payment such as Skrill than by bank transfer (it is an international bank transfer that can take between 2 and 6 working days).


As you can see in the detail of movements of our Skrill account, in a first movement ActivTrades returns the deposit of € 200 and in the following we pay the remaining € 2.10 corresponding to the benefits we have obtained and therefore They deal with the € 202.10 that we request to withdraw.

We hope that this series of articles about our real experience with ActivTrades will help you to solve your doubts about how this online broker works and its processes of account opening, deposit of funds and withdrawal of money.

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