AxiTrader Reviews – Is AxiTrader Safe?


What is Axitrader?

Surely you are interested in this broker and want to know more about it, if it is reliable and safe, and if it is in good condition.

Well, here we are going to see if it is a good broker or not.

Let’s see first the review and characteristics of this broker and then we will see the opinions that are in the world forums and finally my opinion.

Axitrader is one of the best known Forex and CFD brokers in the world. In recent years it is usually among the 10 retail Forex brokers with the highest trading volume.

This broker was created in 2007 in Australia, where it has its headquarters. It also has an office in London, from where it directs its operation in Europe, and in Moldova.

Therefore, it is a regulated broker in the Australian ASIC and the British FCA, two of the most prestigious Forex regulators in the world.

With this we can clearly see that it is a legit broker and one of the most serious on the market.

Axitrader customer service


Axitrader is one of the leading global Forex brokers, with a strong international reputation and a huge client base.

We can check this on its customer service page where we can clearly see that it gives all communication facilities to customers; for example through telephone numbers, which is not so easy in other brokers.

The possibilities of contact are as follows:

Spain: 8006 00130
Colombia (1) 508 6704
Mexico: 1877 396 7435
United Kingdom: 44 203 544 9646
Australia: 1,300 888 936
Germany: 0800 7244085
China: 40005 79816
Hong Kong: 800 903 578
Malaysia: 1800 81 6529
New Zealand: 0800 480 404
Singapore: 80012 06765
Contact Form

As we can see from the wide variety of contact phone numbers, the international customer base must be very large, highlighting Spain and Latin America.

You can also visit the offices by making an appointment with your personal manager.

Support is available 24 hours a day by at least one of the contact methods.

Axitrader offices are in London and Sydney
Open account with Axitrader

Opening an account with Axitrader is easy.

We just have to proceed to make your application online, for which we will have to fill in our personal data and then verify them through photos of them and a document that verifies our current address, such as an invoice in our name.

Normally this is done very quickly and you can deposit the money in the account so that we could already start negotiating.

Visit Axitrader and open a free practice account without an obligation Risk warning

Axitrader minimum deposit

This is one of the brokers that allows you to open an account with no minimum deposit. However, it is always recommended that an account be opened with a decent minimum to be able to operate seriously.

Deposit methods are as follows:

Skrill / Moneybookers
Global Collect
China Union Pay
Transfer from another broker
Axitrader training

Axitrader offers various education services for both existing and potential clients.

Among these services we have:

Forex basics
CFDs basics
MetaTrader 4 Tutorial Videos
Free eBooks like “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Winning Trading System”
Online trading courses where you will learn the techniques of technical analysis , systems construction, trading psychology
AxiTrader Platform and software

Axitrader is fully committed to Metatrader 4, the most popular Forex platform in the world and which is the standard in the global industry.

Within the possibilities of this platform we can use:

MT4 for PC
MT4 for Mac
MT4 for mobile
MT4 for Android
MT4 NexGen
Forex MT4 Trading Signals
MT4 Multi-Manager

The NexGen platform is an advanced version of Metatrader with functions such as:

Economic calendar
New terminal window
Automated logbook
Sentiment indicator
Correlation operator
Alarm manager

Axitrader also has a trading signal service associated with the MT4 platform and MQL5, where you can follow the various strategies proposed in the market by other traders. In other words, it allows us to copy the operations of other operators in the market.

In the same way we can also make our trades available to other traders.

If you want to go a step further in this regard, you can proceed to open an account through myfxbook, where we can use the signals of other operators or offer ours as long as we meet certain requirements that they are profitable and efficient accounts. In other words, if we operate well we will be able to offer our signals on Myfxbook.

The advantage?

Well, myfxbook offers a remuneration program to leading traders who will charge based on the number and volume of traders who follow their strategies.

Another interesting software from this broker is Autochartist, with which Axitrader continuously scans markets and recognizes possible operations based on support and resistance techniques.

This is done through a plugin that connects to Metatrader 4.

This can be useful to identify possible interesting movements in the day to day, although of course, it will be of little use if we do not know how to operate.

In addition to support and resistance levels, it can also give us signals based on graphic patterns such as triangles, floors, caps, or the use of fibonacci patterns, among other things.

Axitrader accounts

There is the possibility of opening two types of account: the standard MT4 and the MT Pro .

What is the difference?

Well, the first is more of a market maker type, in which the broker will charge us a differential or spread in the different instruments and the second works more like an ECN, where we will operate with minimum spreads but we will have to pay a separate commission.

The rest of the conditions are practically the same.

Of course, there is also the possibility of opening a demo account to practice our trading completely free for 30 days with a virtual balance of $ 50,000.

Visit Axitrader and study the type of account you like the most

Risk Warning : CFDs are complex instruments and have a high risk that capital may be lost quickly due to leverage. 74-89% of retail account investors lose money when trading CFDs

Axitrader commissions, spreads and markets

With this broker we can operate 80 currency pairs and CFDs of raw materials and indices.

Axitrader’s flagship product and for which it has great prestige in international markets is Forex.

Let’s look at Axitrader’s spreads and commissions on their different accounts:

Accounts Standard

Pro ($ 3.5 commission per side)

* without commission

EURUSD 1.24 0.44
USDJPY 1.42 0.62
GBPUSD 1.73 0.85
AUDUSD 1.32 0.42
EURJPY 1.67 0.58
USDCAD 1.73 0.83
Dow 3.46 3.46 *
S&P 500 0.57 0.57 *
DAX 30 0.80 0.80 *
XAUUSD 26.82 14.82
WTI 0.05 0.05 *

The only instrument that has commissions on MT4 Pro apart from Forex is gold (xauusd).

In addition, and as in all Forex brokers or CFDs, the Swap cost must also be paid when positions are held for at least one night.

Swaps are usually calculated to pay a fixed 1.25% plus the variable that will depend on the interbank reference interest rate of the given instrument.

Axitrader leverage

The leverage for European traders is as follows:

products New leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin

However Axitrader is an Australian broker licensed in the ASIC so for international clients including, of course, all of Latin America, it offers leverage of up to 400: 1.

Axitrader reviews

Being one of the main world forex brokers we can find many opinions about Axi trader in many of the international forums in the world of trading.

For example, it is a popular broker in the most popular trading forum in the English zone that also includes Australia: trade2win. Most of the opinions that we can find there are quite good and in many cases they are for people who are looking to scalping.

Another classic site where we can find countless Axitrader reviews is Forex Factory . There we can find an entire feedback thread about this broker (click here to see it).

We can also find opinions on sites like and

We can also find the odd opinion on Elitetrader, although not so many because this is a forum where the majority of traders are from the United States and they cannot open accounts with Axi.

In the forums in Spanish we will not find as many opinions but if we want some we can always do it in the most popular, as always, rankia.

However, if you want to find opinions, the best option is to go to the English forums, such as the forex factory and do a search. Then when you see the threads just use the online screen translator. It works quite well.

In general, most opinions are good or neutral.

We can always find some unfavorable thing inevitable in the CFD and Forex broker market, but within these, let’s say Axitrader is one of the best brokers.

My Review For Axitrader ” Is AxiTrader Safe? ”

Well, I think it is clear that we are facing one of the best brokers in the Forex market.

That is why it is normal to always see it in comparison with other major ECN brokers in that market in the world.

We are hardly going to find brokers with better Forex trading conditions than Axi.

Yes, some brokers may have a slightly lower spread on some pairs, but the differences at this level of brokers are not really significant.

One thing that is missing from Axitrader is that it does not offer CFDs on stocks, although this is also not a problem if our specialty is Forex or indices.

In fact, in indexes it is one of the best brokers on the scene because it has very good conditions.

For example, you have great flexibility in negotiating contracts with the ability to negotiate a fairly small size. For example, in the Nasdaq 100 we will be able to trade a fifth of the nominal of the index, which in other brokers is usually the total of the nominal. This is an advantage for undoubted trading flexibility.

We also have very low spreads on most indices. The DAX 30, for example, is around 0.80, making it one of the CFD brokers with the lowest spread in the market.

In this sense, it is one of the best index CFD brokers on the market.

In general the conditions of all instruments are quite good.

As for the platforms, there are people who miss not having more variety, but if I tell you the truth, having the Metatrader 4 you do not need anything else, at least at this level of Forex and CFDs trading.

The topic of trading signals, Autochartist, Myfxbook, and so on, is not something I would use as a trader myself. At most I would look at it to see if it has any use in virtual trading and study it a lot, never applying it from the outset with real money.

Yes, sometimes we will find good opportunities but at other times we will find bad ones and in the end we will not learn to operate by ourselves which is really the beautiful thing.

The important thing is to learn to trade and I think Axitrader provides a good service for it.

For more information visit Axitrader

Risk warning

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