BBVA Trader broker Review


What is BBVA Trader?

BBVA trader is one of the latest additions to the competitive and dynamic Spanish stock broker market .

As the name indicates, we are dealing with a BBVA broker, no less, one of the largest banks in Europe and the world, so if what we are looking for is security, few brokers can beat this one.

It goes without saying, but we do, that this broker is fully regulated by the CNMV and meets all the financial requirements of the MiFID.

The only difference may be in commissions, because as we already know, or should know, the commissions of bank brokers are usually higher than those of specialist brokers in the market. Let’s see how BBVA behaves in this case.

Something that sets BBVA apart from other bank brokers is that it has made an effort to reward frequent traders by including special rates and products for them, to such an extent that it offers conditions that do not envy the competition.

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Risk warning!

BBVA Trader training

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With this broker we have a large amount of informative material, ranging from videos, articles, guides or training courses.

We have articles and videos on:

BBVA trader orders
Warrants sensitivities and greeks
BBVA Trader Advanced Orders
Investment strategies with warrants
Structure of an ETP
Technical Analysis : Trend continuation figures
MACD technical indicator
Technical Analysis trend
Warrants – intrinsic and temporal value

And many more.


Among the free courses and stock guides we have:

Main figures of Technical Analysis
Warrants Guide
Stock Trading
BBVA Trader Leveraged Trading Guide

As we see we have leveraged trading, something that is quite new in a broker of this type.

It also offers lots of webinars on a fairly regular basis. Webinars like:

Learn how to use BBVA Trader Pro
The emotional biases of trading
Variable Income Digital Meeting
Operation of leveraged trading

But if that were not enough, we also have a quite extensive market analysis section with constant technical analysis reports and daily comments on how the stock market is going, especially in videos, although we also have articles on a constant basis.

BBVA Trader markets

This BBVA broker offers a wide variety of products.

To the classics that a bank broker usually offers, such as stocks, ETFs or warrants, we have the possibility of trading futures and options and soon CFDs as well.

Regarding stocks, BBVA Trader offers, in addition to classic trading, the possibility of making operations with leverage.

For this service to be applied it will be necessary to have the approval of the BBVA team, which will require certain solvency conditions.

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This service consists of being able to buy shares for a value 4 times higher than available and using up to 75% of the collateral for intraday operations.

This is an advantage because you can trade stocks intraday without having to resort to CFDs, which for many traders is preferable.

As for ETFs, we will be able to find the best and most varied in the Spanish and world market, being difficult not to find the sector or market that we want to trade.

Like a good bank, the BBVA Trader offers a wide range of warrants. We already know that warrants are usually bank trading products.

BBVA Trader platforms

This broker offers two platforms, the basic and the Pro.

The basic platform allows:

Easy access to market information
Integrated charts, news and key company data
Using interactive graphics
Possibility of managing orders and portfolio from the same page

The BBVA Trader Pro Platform is aimed at more advanced traders and their data will have a cost that will vary depending on the level.

Both platforms have real-time prices, but they must be contracted by the client.

Something that the Pro has that the basic one does not have is the possibility of operating from the graphics.

BBVA Trader commissions
BBVA Trader share rates (national – international)

Rate 1 (1 to 6 operations) Rate 2 (7 to 30) Rate 3 (31 to 60) Rate 4 (> 60)
<2,000 euros 10 – 20 5 – 15 3 – 10 3 – 10
2,000 to 19,999 12 – 25 8 – 20 5 – 15 3 – 10
> 20,000 0.30% – 0.25 0.25 – 0.20 0.20 – 0.18 0.05 – 0.10
BBVA Trader warrant rates

Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4
Warrant BBVA 3 – 20 3 – 15 2 – 10 2 – 10
Warrant rest 6 – 20 5 – 15 4 – 10 4 – 10
BBVA Trader future rates

Camera Commission Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4
Future IBEX 35 1.3 5.20 4.20 3.20 2.20
Future Mini IBEX 35 0.45 0.85 0.75 0.65 0.55
Mini IBEX 35 options 0.15 (min. 2) 0.85 0.80 0.70 0.65
Future DAX 30 0.60 5.90 4.90 3.90 2.90
Future Mini S&P 500 1.18 USD 5.32 4.32 3.82 3.32

Telephone orders will be 5 euros for futures and 0.10% on shares.

Stock custody fees will be as follows:

National market: 0.10% semi-annually with a minimum of € 6
International market: 0.50% semi-annually with a minimum of € 30

Regarding dividends, there would be a 0.25% commission with a minimum of € 1.20.

Real Time Rates

A position Deep market
Continuous market 4.50 14.50
IBEX 35 1.50

Meff 2 4
CME Group 3 fifteen
Eurex 8 12
BBVA Trader’s Review

This is one of the best surprises in the brokerage sector in Spain in recent years, as we are adding a broker from one of the large banks that offers a product portfolio similar to that of many other specialized brokers.

BBVA stands out for the fact that it offers quite competitive commissions in a large part of the markets, such as stocks or derivatives.

For example, having the rates in four volume sections, makes this broker very attractive for day trading operators, whether they are futures, warrants or stocks.

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Risk warning

In the case of stocks, it turns out that it is one of the cheapest brokers to trade in Spain when we move volumes of more than 30 transactions per month.

The most expensive commissions of this broker would come from the custody side, especially in international securities, because they would be 0.60%, something that does not make it highly recommended for long-term investors in foreign exchanges.

Likewise, in futures it is a fairly competitive broker, which without beating the great American brokers in the sector, it can be used for experienced traders who do not do extreme scalping.

One point that could be improved would be to add a demo account.

Regarding services, it should be noted that it has a very wide range of them, especially in the training and market analysis section, with a section for daily comments and many videos and webinars quite regularly.

The BBVA Trader is a broker to keep in mind in the competitive Spanish market.

For more information, visit the website.

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