Darwinex review


What is Darwinex?

Darwinex is one of the most revolutionary Forex and CFD brokers of recent times. An English broker, regulated by the English FCA, and managed by Spaniards from London.

But it is not that it is a good broker because it is managed by a Spanish team, it is because of the great trading conditions it has and the fact that it has created a compensation system for social trading that is unmatched in the world of trading. , at least so far, so it has caught up with other giants in the global social trading sector like eToro .

This broker was born in 2012, and after a master marketing and development plan, it quickly became a reference in the sector. Today it is managed from London in its trading aspect and Madrid in its development aspect. The London office is in the new financial center of the city, in Canary Wharf, and in Madrid, at number 19 Calle Recoletos.

This project has already won several awards, such as being part of Fintech50 , being recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe.

The difference that Darwinex has introduced with respect to other brokers is the possibility of managing a portfolio of traders in a legal way, since trying this for someone else is quite complicated legally.

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Risk warning!

In this way we can open an account with this broker and manage our own client portfolio or we can open a classic account and operate our money in the best conditions that we can find in the retail Forex markets.

At the beginning of Darwinex, the liquidity provider was LMAX , one of the largest in the Prime sector in Forex, but to ensure that it has even higher liquidity, now it also works with Saxo Bank, so we have a liquidity provision by two of the largest prime brokers in the world Forex.

Darwinex portfolio manager

In this case we will open an account and we will have access to research and analyze more than 10,000 strategies available in the market.

Among all these strategies we can find the ones that best suit our objectives and start building a kind of investment fund for traders, in which we will choose our favorites based on risk, return and other parameters that occur to us, and there are also , the possibility of making our portfolio more flexible in several ways.

We will be investing in DARWINs.

But what is a DARWIN?
DARWINS at Darwinex

A DARWIN is an approved strategy of a trader who has an account that has passed the necessary parameters.

All these DARWINS are liquid and transparent, although we will not be able to know the exact position of the trader in question, since in this sense the privacy of the strategies is guaranteed.

Darwinex offers us 12 attributes with which we can discern which are the most appropriate strategies.

What are the conditions?

Well, very simple.

As if it were a hedge fund, we will have to pay 20% of the profits generated by the DARWIN.

That is, if we have one or a portfolio of DARWINs, and these generate a return of 30% per year, we have to pay 20% of it, a percentage similar to that paid by many professional fund managers or hedge funds.

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In this case we would have to pay 6%, so we would be left with a 24% return.

Best of all, this commission is pretty straightforward to understand as there are no hidden commissions or weird issues.

All you have to do is choose the right DARWINS.

Darwinex traders

If you want to register as a trader it is very simple.

You open the account with the identification and residence requirements and once you make the deposit you can start trading.

If your strategy is good, you can create your own DARWIN over time and you can be the one to earn that 20% commission for the profits obtained when other investors put money into your strategy.

As I said before, liquidity will be provided by two of the two most important Prime Brokers in the market, LMAX and Saxo Bank, which in turn work directly with the world’s greats, such as Deutsche Bank, UBS or JP Morgan.

The regulator is the FCA, so on this side you cannot ask for more, and the minimum deposit is 500 EUR, USD or GBP; money that will be kept in a segregated manner in Barclays accounts and protected by the English FSCS.

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Darwinex performance conditions and fees

Darwinex trading conditions are among the best in the market, at the same level as the best brokers in the sector, such as Admiral Markets or xtb brokers.

For example, in the most important products we can find excellent spreads, such as the EURUSD or USDJPY that can be around 0.4 pips most of the time. Or as in gold (XAUUSD) where we can trade almost as if we were in the GC of the Comex, with a spread of 0.1 usually, but with the advantage that we can trade one ounce contracts, while in the future of New York the minimum are 100.

Other significant markets are the CFDs on indices or raw materials , highlighting the Nasdaq, where we will have a spread of 0.5 most of the time, or oil, where the spread will be 0.3, one of the best in the market.

The commission on most products will be 5 monetary units, be it dollars, euros or pounds.

We can see the other conditions by clicking here.

As for bonuses and promotions, with Darwinex we do not have any but this is something that should concern us, because when we are trading at this level we do not need any bonus, but to do good trading.

The trading platform is Metatrader 4, the market favorite and more than enough to be able to trade with full guarantee.

Risk warning

Darwinex customer service

One of the best aspects of Darwinex is the excellent customer service they have, answering any questions you may have quickly through their chat service, one of the most efficient and friendly on the market.

It also has a pretty good FAQ section where we can probably find answers to our most basic questions.

As it could not be otherwise, they also have a direct telephone number (+44 20 3769 1554) and email ( info@darwinex.com ). But if this were not enough, they also have an emergency contact service on their website, although we hope that we never have to use something like this.

Other important aspects of this broker is its blog and video section on youtube, where we can learn all the details about it, and where we can even see how its DARWIN programs work.

In addition, it is a broker that conducts webinars quite regularly, which it communicates to its clients in case they want to learn a new trick about the service. For example, in the next webinar that will take place in a week there are already about 226 registered users.

Darwinex Review and conclusion

This is a broker in which it is difficult to find failures and negative things, being also one of the brokers with really great conditions and resources.

Trading is of the highest level, with conditions in spread and commissions at the height of the best.

The only point where it falters a little is, perhaps, the cost of swaps, which although it is in the sector average, is higher than some competitors. This makes it a little more difficult to carry out medium-term trading strategies or swing trading. However, if you do day trading this is not a problem.

The platform is Metatrader 4 and it works great, so there isn’t much to say here.

As for the subject of darwinex, it is a truly new product that promises to revolutionize the world of trading. However, this is a field in which you have to be vigilant, since many DARWINs that work in the short term stop doing it in the long term, so their analysis becomes very important, and you have to be cautious special before investing in any of them. In this sense, a diversification strategy is always good, as in any financial market, really.

Another thing to highlight especially is customer service, whether you are a customer or just want to ask some questions. From the experience I have in the market, it is one of the best customer services I have ever seen, always giving an extra that is difficult to find in other brokers.

Let’s hope that Darwinex ends up fully establishing itself in the market. It has the potential to become a leading broker in the global Forex and CFD market, as well as creating a very good precedent in the portfolio management industry for the retail market.

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