Fibo Group Reviews – Is FIBO Group regulated?


What is the FIBO Group?

Country: British Virgin Islands, Cyprus
Regulation: FSC, CySEC
Broker type : Market maker, NDD / ECN
Minimum deposit:  100 USD
Deposit methods: card, transfer, Neteller
Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader
Markets: Forex, CFDs futures, stocks, metals
Typical EURUSD spread: from 0 pips on ECN accounts
Commissions: 0.003% on NDD accounts
Scalping: yes

FIBO Group is one of the world’s leading retail forex brokers, which was created in 1998. This broker is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and is regulated by that country’s FSC. Although FIBO Group is also regulated in other jurisdictions, since it is a company that has offices in many countries in the world, such as Austria, Munich, Limassol, Kiev or Kazakhstan.

In Europe FIBO operates from, which is regulated by the CySEC of Cyprus and is responsible for the offices in Cyprus and Germany.

FIBO’s international subsidiary operates with the .mx domain, which is why it is managed from Mexico and provides services to the group’s non-European clients who can avail themselves of all the services and proposals for leverage at the international level.

FIBO is a market maker and NDD broker that offers trading in Forex , CFDs , commodities, stock indices and metals.

Open account

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Opening an account with FIBO Group is very simple as we will only have to put our personal data on its website and wait for the confirmation email to be sent to us.

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Risk warning!

Once we confirm the email they send us, we can enter the broker’s platform and then we will have to do the next step: validate our identification data.

These data are: our identity document and proof of our residence such as an electricity, water or telephone bill.

FIBO Group minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is 100 USD for the FIBO Europe no commission MT4 NDD account, and the deposit methods are: transfer, card and Neteller.

For the international subsidiary the minimum deposit is $ 0 in the MT4 Cent account.


In addition, the international subsidiary can offer promotions to clients in the world market as it is not subject to European standard ESMA regulations .

In this sense, they usually offer account opening bonuses and other interesting promotions that are constantly including and changing.

See the broker page for more information.

FIBO Group accounts, products and commissions

FIBO Group offers MetaTrader 4 , MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, as well as a demo account. Although the cTrader is only available to international clients.

Leverage offered by FIBO Europe:

products Leverage Europe International Leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin Up to 1000: 1
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin

Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin

Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin Up to 10: 1
FIBO Group accounts with commissions and requirements

FIBO Cyprus (for European clients)

MT4 NDD MT4 NDD No commission MT5 NDD
Platform Metatrader 4 Metatrader 4 Metatrader 5
Minimum deposit 300 USD 100 EUR 500 USD
Commission 0.003% No

<100 million in volume: $ 3 lot100 <250: 2.5 USD lot

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> 250: 2 USD lot

Pairs 32 38 42

FIBO for international clients

In addition to the previous accounts we have:

MT4 Cent MT4 Fixed cTrader NDD
Platform Metatrader 4 Metatrader 4 cTrader
USD minimum deposit 0 300 100
Commission 0 0 0.003%
Pairs 38 60 41

CFDs will require significant disbursements as they represent the sizes of the futures, although they do not have commission but only spread. The main conditions are as follows:

CFD Typical spread
Gold 0.3
Silver 0.02

The contract size of these metal CFDs appears to be quite large, at 100 ounces in gold for example, which is equivalent to the futures contract.

FIBO international markets

At the broker’s international headquarters we have access to other financial products such as index and commodity CFDs, stocks and cryptocurrencies that are not available from the European subsidiary.

CFDs contracts Commission Spread Leverage
American shares $ 0.02 per share ($ 2 minimum) – 5: 1
Cryptocurrencies 0 Variable 20: 1
SP500 0 one More than 50: 1
DAX 30 0 2 More than 50: 1
Gold 0 0.5 More than 50: 1
Petroleum 0 8 More than 50: 1
Copper 0 0.5 More than 50: 1
FIBO signals and automated trading

FIBO Group also offers automatic trading options and to sign up to the different signal providers that come in the system, for which a periodic subscription will have to be paid.

For customers of the European subsidiary we will have: MyFxbook, automated trading and Asset Management.

For clients of the international subsidiary, we also have the PAMM account.


FIBO is connected to Myfxbook and its Autotrade service.

Automated trading

On the same website of this broker we can access the copy trading service, where we will see the profiles of the best Metatrader 4 and 5 traders and we will be able to choose between the one we want at a certain price that comes to us in their profiles, and which is usually around between 20 and 40 dollars a month.

Asset Management

Another service that FIBO offers is that of asset management , with which it offers three possible programs to invest, in something similar to choosing between different funds with different risk.

The three portfolios to invest are:

Balanced: with a target profit of 60% / FIBO Remuneration is 40%
Aggressive: with a target profit of 120% / FIBO remuneration is 50%
Individual: with objective profit of 120% / FIBO remuneration is 30%
Fibo PAMM Account

This is the typical managed account service for potential investor money.

The program works like this:

The professional trader opens a PAMM account and begins to offer the services
Investors see the performance of different PAMM accounts and decide to invest with one or the other
The professional trader receives 30% of the profits made with the managed money
The professional trader only charges if he has made money
Minimum of four weeks to maintain the investment
The minimum to invest is 300 USD
FIBO Group opinion

As we see it is a very complete broker, but for the international subsidiary.

The European one has been quite damaged by ESMA regulations as it has removed the offer of many products such as PAMM, index cfds, raw materials, stocks, etc. I do not know why, because in theory these CFDs could be offered in Europe in the same way as Forex.

Risk warning

Still, the European subsidiary maintains interesting products such as automatic trading and others, and good Forex conditions in its premium accounts.

The subsidiary that provides the service with all the potential is the international one, from where we will be able to use all the capabilities of the group, such as the offer of more than 7,000 CFDs of stocks, indices and raw materials.

In particular, its offer of equity CFDs is very good, even if we only have access to the United States market, which on the other hand should be more than enough, especially with the size of the market. The commissions in that market with a minimum of 2 USD are very good and are quite attractive to be able to operate with flexibility and efficiency.

The Forex service is quite acceptable and we also have access to various platforms, not only MT 4 and 5, but also the cTrader, also popular in other trading circles.

What I like the least is the offer of index CFDs, since the contracts are practically the size of the original futures, and we are handling contracts of 100 or 200 thousand dollars, so they are not suitable products for the small investor. We can see this in the margins as almost $ 2,000 for the SP500. Obviously, small retail traders should not trade such contracts.

Another curious detail is that the European subsidiary does not use the cTrader and the international one does. I do not know if this is temporary or if it is due to some administrative limitation.

Hopefully the Cyprus subsidiary will be able to include more products again soon.

For more information, visit the Cyprus website.  From there you can be redirected to the international website.

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