FP Markets reviews- Is FP Markets regulated?


Country: Australia
Regulation: ASIC
Products: CFDs, stocks, futures
Minimum deposit: 200 USD
Deposit methods: transfer, card, Neteller
Platform: IRESS, MetaTrader 4, Metatrader 5
Spread: 1.45 half EURUSD
Commissions: yes, in share CFDs
What is FP Markets?


FP Markets is one of the main brokers in the Australian market established in the first decade of the 2000s and therefore with extensive experience in the market.

Like other Australian brokers, this Sydney-based broker is regulated by that country’s strict ASIC.

In addition to Australia, FP Markets has a very strong presence in the Chinese market, with two offices in Peking and Shanghai.

This is a fairly serious broker that not only offers the typical Forex and CFD markets, but also trading in real stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Training with FP Markets

This broker provides an extensive training section so that new clients and those with little experience can read and learn what the markets are about and how to use different products, such as trading CFDs.

Resources include series of articles divided by levels, depending on the level of each trader, and various e-books on Forex, stocks and CFDs.

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Open account with FP Markets

The account opening process is quite simple.

It will only be necessary to fill out the online questionnaire with our data and later we will be asked to verify our identity and our address with the relevant evidence.

After that we can open the account with a minimum of 1,000 USD for an IRESS CFD account, and 200 for a Metatrader 4 account.

The payment methods are by bank transfer, card, Neteller or BPay.

The accepted currencies are all the most important in the world including USD, EUR or GBP.

FP Markets platforms

FP Markets offers different platforms depending on the chosen market.


The IRESS platform is focused on the global equity and CFD markets, making it a Prime platform. It supports all market orders and has html 5 technology compatible with the main browsers.

This is an easy to use and quite powerful platform.

In it we can find more than 10,000 products, including futures or ETFs.

With 59 technical indicators and pretty good graphics it is one of the most acceptable platforms.

Metatrader 4

The classic among the classics of the world of Forex and market automation.

With it, you can operate with up to 500: 1 leverage, although this is something that European investors will not be able to enjoy once the ESMA regulation is implemented.

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Metatrader 5

The platform with which Metaquotes wants to replace the previous one, is a powerful platform that offers trading in all the markets of the world.

It has more than 80 indicators and although it is also made for futures and stocks, in FP Markets you can only trade Forex, indices and metals. For stocks and futures you already have the other platform.

Other platforms
Traders Edge: a variation of the MT4 that includes functionalities such as Excel, better alarms and connection, the possibility of hiding your pending orders from other participants.
Virtual Private Server: a solution for traders who use several Expert Advisors and who want to have a strong backup for their operations
MAM / PAMM Accounts
Markets and accounts with FP Markets
FP Markets stocks and futures

With the IRESS platform we will be able to trade stocks and futures in real time.

The cost of the platform, however, is 55 USD per month plus 22 for live data from the ASX market. There is a possibility of a full refund once $ 200 in commissions is reached.

Stock commissions are 0.11% with a minimum of $ 14.95.

In this case there is no possibility of leverage.

FP Markets CFD

We will be able to trade CFDs of shares from the IRESS platform, having a large number of shares, especially in the Australian, English, American, Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

Professional Platinum Premier
Minimum deposit 1,000 25,000 50,000
commissions 10 USD or 0.1% 9 USD or 0.09% 0.08%
Platform 55 USD. Free if 150 USD in monthly commissions idem as the professional Free
ASX market data 22 USD. Free if 50 USD in monthly commissions idem as the professional Free

As we see this is a broker strongly focused on the Australian market but with a wide spectrum of products in world markets, although we do not have German for example.

In addition to the shares, we will be able to trade CFDs in both standard and DMA formats with the world’s main indices or raw materials.

Raw materials include the main ones in world markets, among them: gold, oil, corn, wheat, livestock, natural gas, soy, platinum, oats, etc.

Is FP Markets a Scam?

In this case, I dare to say that we are facing a fairly serious broker, since the fact of offering the trading service in stocks and futures in real markets puts it at the level of traditional brokers in the sector, having to pass more obligations and subject to strong revisions of the Australian ASIC.

This, in addition to being an Australian broker, one of the most serious countries outside the European and American market, makes it one of the best alternatives to open an account with an international broker.

FP Markets reviews

Curiously, we can find several reviews of this broker at Forexpeacearmy, a site where many other brokers do not stand up well, but FP Markets does get a good grade and reviews in general.

Likewise, in trustpilot it obtains an average grade of 8.7.

In the trade2win forum , one of the world’s leading CFDs, it doesn’t really have negative reviews either, considering that all brokers have one.

On the websites and forums they usually point out that it does not give bonuses but that this is actually a good thing, because bonuses are always associated with looking for losers in the markets.

Risk warning

In forums like Rankia it has almost no presence but it is normal because it is a broker poorly chosen by clients from that country.

In my reviews , we are dealing with an interesting broker, which without being a panacea, is not one of the worst options if we had to choose an “off-shore” broker.

At the moment it is a broker that is strongly focused on Australian and Asian traders.

However, with the offering of the service on the web as a third language, it indicates to me that it will try to expand strongly, at least in Latin America, which may be good for Hispanic traders.

For more information, visit the website .

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