gff brokers review – Is GFF Brokers a Scam?


What is Gff brokers?

Many of those who see this broker think that it is a new futures broker, but nothing beyond reality, as it is the new name of Global Futures, one of the most well-known and beloved retail brokers in the industry in the United States.

It goes without saying that we are talking about an NFA regulated broker who is based in Glendale, Los Angeles. He is also registered with the CFTC as an Introducing Broker.

This is, without a doubt, one of the classic brokers in the sector and one of our favorites in this complex and exciting futures market.

Global Futures is a broker that opened its doors to offer online futures trading in 1998, is one of the most discounted futures discount brokers in the sector.

Open account with GFF Brokers


Opening an account with GFF Brokers is relatively easy.

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First we will have to fill in the online procedure with our personal data and later, when our account is approved, we will have to send copies of our identity documents, which can be a passport, driving license or similar, and also a proof of residence, such as for example, a electricity or water bill in our name and with the address of our house.

The minimum deposit to open an account is zero, that is, there is no minimum deposit.

The only requirement you will have to trade GFF Brokers products is to have enough money to cover the account margin.

As an introductory broker, GFF Brokers provides futures and Forex trading through the alliances it has with several of the Prime brokers in each of those markets.

As for futures trading, GFF Brokers offers trading through: AMP Clearing , Dorman Trading, Gain Capital, Ironbeam, Phillip Capital and Rosenthal Collins Group .

In Forex trading offers trading through: Gain Capital and Oanda USA.

Normally, in order to deposit and withdraw funds we will have to use the traditional method of transferring to the accounts of each of these brokerage entities.

As we can understand, it is not the fastest method but we cannot find more transparency than with the money in these FCMs of the strict North American market.

GFF Brokers training

Following the industry trend of recent years, GFF has been concerned with introducing quite a bit of training material on its website on how financial markets work, with sections and comprehensive guides related to futures and Forex trading.

For example, we can download three free ebooks on:

Practical introduction to futures trading
Using pivot points to interpret price movement
Using Price Action to identify trends
Futures and Forex with GFF Brokers

As we have discussed, this is a futures and brokers specialist broker, in fact one of the best brokers in the world for retail clients in such sectors.

Depending on what we want to trade we will have to choose to open a futures account or a Forex account.

One of the most important questions before opening an account will be choosing which market and what platform we want to operate.

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GFF Brokers platforms

The range of platforms is huge.

Here we not only have the typical MetaTrader that international brokers offer to trade Forex and CFDs. With GFF brokers we will have access to a wide range of forex and futures trading platforms.

Forex platforms:

Metatrader 4
Forex Trader
OFC Trader

Futures platforms:

Axess Trader
CQG Desktop, Trader and Integrated Client
CTS Futures Options
GS Trader
MarketDelta Trader
OEC Trader
R Trader
Onyx WebTrader
Trade Navigator
Trading Technologies TT Platform
Trading Technologies X_Trader
Zlantrader Z
GFF Brokers commissions and fees

With GFF Brokers we cannot know our entry commission because depending on our volume, the product we choose and our personal situation they will propose us some personalized commissions that we can be sure are the best on the market.

Account fees are various and will depend on many factors. Let’s see the main ones:

Platform fees: varied by FCM and platform
Deposits: free of charge
Withdrawals: free of charge for a monthly withdrawal.
Margin call: in case of having a margin call they will charge us $ 50 per contract.
Settlement: in case they have to settle your order $ 25
PATS systems inactivity: $ 100
Market data: will depend on the conditions, product, FCM, etc.

We must consult other costs on the web in the case of transfers with the particular FCMs.

Various free services, such as: 24-hour support, daily and monthly statements, daily pivot points, weekly newsletter and comments, economic calendar, etc.

GFF Brokers margin and leverage

One of the most important questions when trading futures is the margin that we have to apply to our accounts, which varies greatly from broker to broker.

Margins vary from FCM to FCM.

In addition, these margins will vary over time, so when you consult the broker, they may have changed with respect to the data in the following table.

We are going to put the RCG case to get an idea.

USD margin Daily margin Normal margin
Micro EURUSD 150 231
Oil (CL) 1,500 2,145
Bund 400 2,068 EUR
10 year T-Note 400 1,045
Wheat 500 1,045
Corn 500 605
DAX 30 5,000 23,169 EUR
E-Mini SP 400 5,555
E-Mini Nasdaq 400 5,720

As we can see, the margins are very competitive, especially for day trading activity, the quintessential futures market.

GFF Brokers automatic trading

Not only Forex brokers offer the possibility to automate and search for these types of strategies.

GFF Brokers has a section with the automated trading possibilities offered by iSystems.

With this service we can discover different strategies in the market that we can follow. Some are free and others we will have to pay usage fees.

Risk warning

If you already have a working system you can consult with GFF Brokers to be able to install it as one of those offered in your market.

Is GFF Brokers a Scam? Reviews

This is one of the brokers that we can say with almost certainty that it is not a scam, is one of those brokers that we can fully trust.

The only problems we can find are typical of the difficulty of trying to succeed in the very complicated futures market.

Regarding the opinions, we can find several in the elitetrader forum, the quintessential North American trading forum.

People really like the possibility of choosing between so many platforms.

In other forums like, we can also find numerous threads about this broker.

In other classic forums in the world of trading such as trade2win we can also find references to this broker, most of them good.

For more information, visit the website .

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