GPM review – is GPM broker good?


Country: Spain
Regulation: CNMV
Markets: Futures, stocks, Forex, funds, bonds
Minimum deposit: 5,000 EUR
Deposit methods: transfer
Platform: TWS
Spread: variable
Commissions: yes
Scalping: yes
What is the GPM Broker?

GPM Professional Broker is a Spanish broker of the company GPM Agencia de Valores, which is registered with the CNMV (register 105), in addition to having more than 28 years of experience in the sector.

This broker has offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with which it is not only an online broker but also gives the possibility of visiting it in person, having a great personalized service.

GPM offers professional depository and custody services, being adhered to IBERCLEAR and the Liquidation and Compensation companies of Madrid and Barcelona.

GPM is also a specialist in traditional portfolio management, alternative management and Investment Funds and SICAVs.

As for funds, it offers more than 5,000 to its clients.

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Risk warning!

GPM offers professional services in Latibex, of which it is a member, being a specialist for the Mexican actions of TV Azteca and Grupo Electra. In addition, GPM is specialized in the Mexican stock exchange, of which it publishes several reports together with Punto Casa de Bolsa.

GPM broker offers trading workshops and financial markets on a fairly regular basis. They are available on video for GPM clients.

Every day it publishes news about the markets and their prices, for those interested in staying up to date.

GPM Broker minimum deposit and platform

The minimum to open an account is 5,000 EUR, which can be deposited by transfer, the safest method there is.

The platform used by this broker is the TWS from Interactive Brokers, with a customized version of GPM.

This platform can be PC, web or mobile.

GPM Broker fees and commissions

This broker covers all or most of the world markets in futures, stocks, currencies, options, ETFs, funds or bonds.

The commissions are as follows:

Minimum Maximum Minimum
Future IBEX 3.20 3.77 –
Future DAX 2.41 2.98 –
Future S & P500 3.03 3.58 –
Spain Options 2 2.60 4.50
USA Options 1.10 1.43 2
CFD Spain 0.07% 0.091% 4
CFD USA 0.01 x CFD 0.013 x CFD 4
CFD DAX index 0.008% 0.0104% 2
Forex 0.04% 0.054% 2
Spain shares 0.15% 0.195% 5
USA Shares $ 0.01 per share $ 0.013 per share 7

The margin required in Forex is from 20 to 40 to 1. depending on the traded pair.

GPM Broker review

This is a new Spanish broker allied with Interactive Brokers, offering the products of the great American broker, so the market offer is excellent. Likewise, the prices and commissions it offers are very close to those of the previous one, which makes it one of the most attractive brokers on the Spanish stock market scene.

All this, in addition, backed by a company with almost 30 years of experience in the financial markets.

As is logical, the platform offered is that of Interactive Brokers, which is one of the most difficult to learn on the market, although once used for a while it ends up being easy to understand.

As for customer service, we can expect the typical of any Spanish broker, that is to say quite good.

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GPM broker reviews

This is a broker that works with Interactive Brokers and with top-level investor groups.

That is why most of the opinions that we are going to find in places such as Rankia , for example, are going to be positive, where the only usual “problems” are usually if it is worth opening an account with them or directly with Interactive, and things like that.

We will hardly see the scam word associated with GPM Broker.

For more information, visit the website .

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