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What is GVC Gaesco?

GVC Gaesco is one of the oldest independent traditional brokers in Spain, with more than 60 years of history.

Registered at number 182 in the CNMV, it is one of the oldest brokers in Spain.

In addition to the CNMV, it is also regulated by the Bank of Spain and by the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds. By this we can already understand that it is a company with areas dedicated to those markets.

In addition, his extensive experience and history make him a member of the following organizations:

Madrid Stock Exchange
Valencia Stock Exchange
Global Alliance Partners

Therefore we see that it is a totally serious entity that is under the strictest regulatory criteria.

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GVC Gaesco Bag


GVC is one of the traditional Spanish brokers so it maintains a network of offices in many regions of the Spanish geography, especially Catalonia and the Valencian Community, with offices in other places such as Madrid, the Basque Country or Seville, among other places.

However, it also offers other forms of contact such as:

Telephone: 914 315 606
Fax: 915 762 937
Email: info@gvcgaesco.es

Well, surely many are interested in Gaesco for its investment business in the Stock Market but the truth is that the Group also has other divisions, each with its respective website. These divisions are:

GVC Gaesco Pensions
GVC Gaesco Wallpapers
GVC Gaesco Beka (Values)

Let’s first see the section that most interests private investors.

GVC Gaesco Beka

This name Beka is the one that refers to the subsidiary of Securities and investments in the stock market.

To ensure that we are in good hands, almost the first thing that GVC shows us on its services page is with whom we have relationships in its different services when it comes to having custody of our money.

Let’s see the entities with which this broker works to maintain customer deposits in the different services:

Public debt, Fixed Income and National and International Variable: Cecabank, BNP Paribas, Euroclear, Iberclear
Derivatives: MEFF, Height
CFDs and Forex: CMC Markets , FXCM
Investment funds: Banco Inversis, Allfunds Bank, BNP Paribas, Sabadell, Santander Investment, Deutsche Bank, Bankinter, etc …
Uninvested balances: in Spanish banks

Needless to say, the Fogain covers up to € 100,000 per customer.

GVC trading on the Stock Market and other markets

GVC offers trading in numerous markets including:

National and international stocks and ETFs
Futures and financial options
Electronic and Institutional Fixed Income
MARF (Alternative Fixed Income Market)
CFDs and Currencies
Raw Materials
Money market
Public debt

To provide comprehensive trading services, Gaesco has a contracting table open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, where we can contact different telephone numbers and hours depending on the market in question. We can also contact by email, being the main table@gvcgaesco.es although there are also other specific Forex , Fixed Income or CFDs .

In addition, GVC provides portfolio management and financial analysis services.

For example, the analysis and research of this broker includes 8 analysts and more than 60 covered Spanish shares plus 600 in Europe.

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For clients there is also a daily analysis with special emphasis on the Spanish market.

GVC Gaesco platforms

One of the most interesting sections of this broker is related to platforms, being one of the brokers with the greatest variety of platforms.

This is easy to see if we take into account that it works with other brokers in different sectors such as FXCM or CMC Markets, which it can make use of on their respective platforms.

Let’s see the available ones:

GVC Gaesco Markets platform, dedicated to trading markets such as futures, options or derivatives
Estuforex platforms, basically for the Forex market
Metatrader 4
GVC Gaesco Trader, for CFDs. Platform based on CMC Markets technology
Visual Chart, one of the world’s most popular Equity platforms
FIS Global
Metatrader 4 also works with android


GVC Gaesco broker commissions
National shares : 0.15% on cash. Minimum € 6. Stock Exchange Canon apart.
Euronext and Germany shares: 0.125% on cash. Minimum € 15, for Euronext Lisbon € 20.
Shares in other markets: 0.35%. Minimum € 12.
Custody commission: 0.10% per year for Spain, 0.20% rest. Minimum € 3 value, maximum € 300.
Spain Futures: IBEX 35 from € 9.5 to € 3 by volume. Plus MEFF expenses. Mini Ibex from € 2 to 0.65.
Eurex futures: € 8 plus extra commission from the international intermediary.
USA Futures: CME E-Mini at $ 15 plus extra commission from the intermediary.
Liffe futures: GBP 10 plus extra broker commission.
CFDs shares: 0.10% on cash for Spain, Germany and France. $ 0.04 for US stocks.
CFDs indices and raw materials: SP500 at € 0.25, remainder at € 1. Raw materials at € 1 and gold at € 0.20.
National Fixed Income: 0.15%. Minimum € 12.
International Fixed Income: 0.30%. Minimum € 18.
Forex Estubroker.com: EURUSD 2.6 pips, USDJPY 2.3 pips, GBPUSD 2.8.
CFDs Estubroker.com: SP500 0.5; DAX 1 to 2; IBEX 6; XAU 0.5; Oil 0.05.

These commissions are for online orders. They will increase if ordered by phone.

GVC Gaesco Wallpapers

Another Gaesco division of interest to investors in the Stock Market is that of Investment Funds, for which it has a private website.

In particular, GVC boasts having no less than 15 Variable Income Funds, 9 Mixed Funds and 2 of Absolute Return.

This service is intended for the promotion of said funds.

Some of them are:

GVC Gaesco 300 Places Worldwide A
GVC Gaesco Bolsalíder A
GVC Gaesco Emergentfond
GVC Gaesco Europe
GVC Gaesco Absolute Return

If you want more in-depth information, visit the website.


Estubroker is an independent service of GVC Gaesco dedicated specifically to the operation of CFDs and Forex.

This service is provided through the Metatrader 4 and Estuforex platforms, specially designed for the mentioned markets and which is under the service of an introductory broker from FXCM.

To open account with any of these platforms the minimum is 1,000 euros.

Despite being a GVC service, Estubroker has its own emails and phones.

If you want more information, you can consult these contact modes on their website .

Risk warning

GVC Gaesco reviews

As for the opinions on the network of this broker, we can find various opinions on sites such as rankia or helpmycash, where we can see disparity of opinions, although as always in these cases, we have to make some appreciations.

In particular, on the rankia web forums, I see that there is a lot of interest in the broker’s fund services.

There is also interest in how Fixed Income products and others work.

By this we can see that it is a broker with conservative and traditional clients, who are looking for safe investments. This is good because it is not the typical broker that is looking for easy money with exaggerated advertising towards day trading.

An interesting thread that I found in Rankia is one related to the sale and purchase of foreign securities, in which the author complains that when he sold a share they applied the exchange rate two days later, something that did not seem right to him. , obviously.

In this case, I would say that it is not normal, but in the long term it should not affect general operations, because sometimes there will be a better exchange rate and sometimes a worse exchange rate.

As we see, most of the questions that are raised on the net are trivial and this is very good. Again, it shows us that we are facing a totally serious broker.

My opinion of GVC Gaesco

GVC Gaesco is a traditional institutional-style broker with face-to-face offices, which makes it have a high cost structure, and therefore has to establish commissions that in some cases are above average.

So that’s where most of the complaints come from. For example, we can find some of them on the opinion website helpmycash.com.

On the contrary, the fact that it is an institutional broker assures us that in it strange events, such as the non-return of funds, or strange operations, will not exist; something that is common in new generations of CFDs, Forex or binary options brokers in international markets.

Those brokers may be cheaper, but we can be sure that they are not as reliable as GVC Gaesc.

Therefore, we can say that GVC is a more suitable broker for conservative and institutional investors, more interested in long-term markets.

However, they could improve some things like updating their Estubroker page, where I can see some inconsistencies in terms of leverage and others.

The commissions, on the other hand, have hardly changed over the years and remain the same. I understand that having such a strong fixed office structure and fixed costs makes it very difficult for you to try to lower them further, but you may be pushed to do so in the future due to the strong increase in competition.

For more information, visit the website .

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