Hirose FX review


Country: UK
Regulation: FCA
Markets: Forex
Type: ECN / STP
Minimum deposit: 20 USD
Deposit methods: transfer, card, Skrill, Neteller
Platforms: LION Trader, MetaTrader 4
Spread: from 0.8 in EURUSD
Commissions: no
Scalping: yes

What is HiroseFx?

Hirose UK is a UK Forex broker. However, this broker is a subsidiary of the Japanese broker Hirose Tusyo, one of the leading brokers in that country. This group has more than 200,000 clients around the world. In addition, in 2019 he was trading more than $ 200 billion a month in volume, making him one of the largest brokers in the world at the time.

Hirose UK is regulated by the FCA and under the umbrella of the English FSCS which protects clients up to GBP 50,000 in case of bankruptcy or problems.

Hirose FX open account


Opening an account with Hirose FX is very easy since we only have to enter our data in the corresponding web form and wait for the confirmation email to be sent to us.

Once we confirm, we can enter the broker’s platform and to validate our account and proceed to trade, we can do so after sending copies of our proof of residence documents (invoices or bank statements) and identity (such as ID, driving license or passport) ).

The minimum deposit is $ 20 which can be deposited using Skrill. To deposit by Neteller, card or transfer the minimum is 50 USD or equivalent.

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Risk warning!

Between 60 and 92% of clients lose money when trading with CFDs and Forex providers. CFD trading involves a lot of risk. You can lose all your capital.
Customer service

Hirose is one of the brokers with the most contact modalities. Among them we have:

Online form

Unfortunately it is a broker focused on the English language market and the Asian markets, not having a web service in Spanish.

Hirose FX Platforms

Hirose offers two basic platforms, the LION Trader and the MetaTrader 4 . Both have a mobile version. The LION also has a web platform, in addition to the PC.

Training services

Furthermore, Hirose provides a free demo account, a trading manual, technical analysis and other educational elements on its website, such as a quick PDF trading guide.

These guides can be downloaded directly without the need to beat around the bush. To get an idea of ​​what I said before the strong presence in the Asian market, PDFs come in English but also with some Chinese characters in the middle.

Hirose UK Accounts, Spreads and Commissions

LION and MetaTrader 4 accounts will have a leverage of 300: 1 and a minimum trading of 0.01 lots (1,000 units) for the second and one lot for the first.

Hirose is an STP / ECN broker that does not charge commissions and that guarantees that there will be no requotes. It also accepts all types of trading, including scalping.

Hirose 2019 spreads (commissions)

LION Trader MetaTrader 4
EURUSD 0.8 1.9
USDJPY 0.7 1.9
GBPUSD 0.9 2.9
AUDUSD one 2.9
USDCHF 1.5 2.9
USDCAD 2 2.9
EURJPY 1.2 2.9

It also offers gold trading with 100: 1 leverage, minimum size of one ounce and approximate spread of 0.3 / 0.4.

The leverage offered by this broker is as follows:

products Leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin
Hirose Binary Options

Hirose offers binary options through its Lyon Bynary Options service, although this service is no longer available for European traders but only for those in the rest of the world. For example, Latin American traders can continue to trade these assets.

The subsidiary to provide this service went from being located in the United Kingdom to Malaysia.

Hirose UK view

This is a novel broker on the European scene, coming from Japan, the largest Forex market in the world.

The conditions offered by this broker on its LION platform are among the best on the market with very low spreads . Note for example the 0.7 in the USDJPY, even below the EURUSD, which is logical considering the large volume of the parent company in Japan.

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The conditions of MetaTrader 4 are more in line with the European panorama.

Although the broker claims to be ECN, it does not charge commissions for its operations, something not very typical in the industry. Although it may be that in Japan it works perfectly well.

An important detail, however, is that the minimum operation on the Lion platform is 1 lot in Forex, which makes it less attractive since it becomes a prohibitive broker for the small operator, at least on that platform. The small trader will have to go to Metatrader 4, where the conditions are not so good anymore.

As for binary options, it has stopped offering them by European legal regulations after ESMA, although international clients will be able to find them in Asian subsidiaries, in this case Malaysia. I sincerely recommend Forex trading more than options trading.

Hirose FX

As a negative point to say that the broker no longer has a website or customer service in Spanish, something that has changed in recent years. Before they did offer this service but I suppose that the lack of interest in the Spanish market made them decide not to continue supporting the translation. The truth is somewhat strange.

As for its webl, to say that it is one of the most original and genuine on the market, with a characteristic Japanese color, which is appreciated given the similarity of most of the websites of European brokers. The design is classic and a little outdated but it is of a very good usability and that is precisely what gives it a differentiating character compared to other brokers that are more similar to each other.

For the rest, it is a broker regulated by the FCA that at the moment has a good reputation and that also being a Japanese broker we can be sure that it is one of the most serious in the world.

For more information, visit the website .

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