Huobi Review – Is Huobi a scam?


Country: Singapore
Markets: cryptocurrencies
Regulation: no
Commissions: 0.2%
Leverage : no
What is Huobi?

This is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange houses in the world.

It was created in 2013 by entrepreneurs from Singapore and has offices in the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, being one of the leading brokers in the sector in Asia.

To reach the position where Huobi is today, it has been very active, with the launch of its own token system, “Huobi Tokens”, in addition to launching numerous promotions and news.

Open account with Huobi


To open an account we will click on “register”. Then we will enter our email address and click send. We put our password twice and they will send us a 6-digit code with which we can authenticate.

Later we will receive a welcome email.

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Risk warning!

Later, when we have access to our account, we will be able to see our balance and we will be able to deposit the corresponding cryptocurrencies.

Once we have the balance we can start making purchases and trading of the different cryptocurrencies.

Of course, in order to operate in Huobi we will have to provide a copy of our passport.

On the web we can see our net value in the upper left.

Huobi minimum deposit

The minimum deposit will be 0.001 Bitcoins and $ 100 if we use fiat currencies.

The two currencies accepted in the system are the dollar and the Chinese yuan, in addition to all available cryptocurrencies.

The chart, based on Tradingview technology, allows us to study different timing and indicators of all kinds.

The Huobi exchange allows us to trade in a large number of cryptocurrencies, among which the main ones in the market.

Huobi Commissions

The commissions for the main trading pairs will be 0.2% of the assets.

Huobi Labs

This is a blockchain incubator

This service provides a sophisticated analysis model of the blockchain ecosystem based on search, trends and more than 50 indicators to properly assess the opportunities and threats of more than 190 cryptocurrencies.

Huobi also offers different types of consulting and advice, including trading, financial, token, or professional advice on blockchain business.

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Some of Huobi Labs’ clients include IOST, DATA, and CoinMeet .

Among its allies we have: Fenbushi Capital , InBlockchain, Sequoia, Zhen Fund and DHVC , among many others.

Huobi Mining Pool

Huobi also has its own mining and voting services in the cryptocurrency markets.

It has several communities, such as: EOS-Huobipool, EOS Go, ZB EOS, Eos Cannon, EOS90S, EOS Asia , EOS New York , EOS.Lawyer or EOS.Games.

What happens is that if we try to access these communities we will verify that they are communities focused on the Chinese market with users from that country.

Huobi Eco

Another service that Huobi offers is having created the Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund in 2018, with the purpose of investing in the best companies in the blockchain space.

The different services in this ecosystem are: Cybersecurity, HADAX , Seed Accelerator, Exchanges, Global Community, Wallet, News Aggregation Platform, Market Data Vendors, DAPP, Mining Pool, Investment Banking, Public Chain and Crypto Fund.

Is Huobi a scam?
Huobi exchange screen

It seems that this cryptocurrency exchange is not a scam because according to it it has a Goldman Sachs security and risk control system.

The protection data includes the typical anti-DDOS and also has a customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apparently this exchange house has not been seriously hacked yet, being one of the main ones in the market that remains secure. However, there have been rumors that attempts have been made to manipulate crypto prices in it, although this is something that could not be proven.

Huobi’s Review

Well, from what I’ve seen so far this platform has good trading conditions for the main cryptocurrency pairs, with good spreads, for example, in Ripple, with little variation in the previous one, which can make it an acceptable house for market traders.

What happens is that it is not yet very popular in Spanish-speaking countries, but this will surely change in the future. At least it has a Spanish interface on its website.

In customer service it is a pretty good house, because in addition to the possibility of sending an inquiry in the form of mail, we can speak by chat, which is available on its website, as long as we have not found the solution in its section of “help”.

As for the market opinions, most are usually positive and I have to say that in this sense it is possibly one of the best exchange houses, since we do not have major hacks or massive problems of complaints about the disappearance of money, etc.

As always, two of the places where you can get more opinions about these houses are and reddit .

Another point in favor is that this house is based in Singapore, one of the most advanced and serious countries in the world.

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