IC Markets Deposit : How to Deposit Funds at IC Markets?

IC Markets Deposit : How to Deposit Funds at IC Markets?


IC Markets Deposit, How to Deposit Funds at IC Markets? Now, in this article, we will follow the logical order and we will feed our account with a deposit of funds (also real). How will this task be presented to us?

Finally, to complete the series of this real experience, in the next article we will make a trading operation (also real) in the markets, to end with the corresponding withdrawal of all funds from our account and thus have a complete view of how it works IC Markets.

Recall that IC Markets is a forex and CFD broker based in Australia. It is duly regulated by the ASIC, the Australian supervisory body of recognized prestige, and with similar requirements to that of Europe in terms of transparency and security for the custody of our money by the broker.

So we begin the process to deposit funds into IC Markets trading account.

How to deposit funds in IC Markets trading account?

STEP 1- Access the customer area

In order to carry out the procedures in our real trading account opened with IC Markets, the first step is to access the client area that the broker enabled us as we saw in the previous article.

If we go to the IC Markets website , we can see a button in the upper right with the name “Customer Login” . This is the command on which we press to enter the customer area.

Once that button is pressed, the broker asks us for our username and password , these access credentials were provided to us by email at the time of opening our real trading account with IC Markets.

We simply enter the username and password assigned in the fields and we will be within the IC Markets platform to carry out our deposit of funds.

STEP 2- Press the deposit button

Once inside the IC Markets client area , in the summary of our account (in the “Accounts” menu of the client area) the last button is reserved for this task: we can press on it (it has a money icon ) . Automatically we open a drop-down menu in order to select the means of payment to make the money transfer.

STEP 3- Selection of the payment method

As we have been able to observe (and we show in the previous image) when expressing our intention to deposit funds through the button that appears in the summary of our account, IC Markets makes available to the operator a considerable range of alternatives.

Before opting for one or the other, it would be convenient to analyze the available options and the particularities of each one. Go for it:

– Credit or debit card

It is one of the cheapest, fastest and safest methods. You just have to consider that it is the most widely used mechanism for Internet shopping.

The credit card is a method that in itself offers security. However, IC Markets allows its use through the new 3D Secure payment method, jointly developed by Visa and Mastercard. Requires manual verification of payment by the owner of the card used. This mechanism will request a secret key from your mobile phone to authorize the operation. In this way, the legitimate cardholder is identified as the person who authorizes the transfer of funds.

For our real experience, as on other occasions, it represents one of the payment methods that best suits our preferences. It has no commissions and the funds are deposited instantly.

However, for the use of the card, we must provide the card details . There may be users that this requirement is uncomfortable and therefore there are other alternatives.

– Paypal

Paypal is one of the best known online payment methods that exist worldwide. It was born precisely to alleviate the problem that some users may have in relation to supplying their card data. It acts as a bridge between our card or bank account and the recipient of the funds , to maintain confidentiality. Paypal guarantees the security and speed in sending money.

It requires having an account with this platform . After that, we can recharge said account; or associate our card to be able to pay online, even if we do not have a balance on it. Opening an account with Paypal is free, however, transfers may be subject to commissions.

In this sense, IC Markets does not apply a commission for the cash operations that are carried out, all that we can find will come from the chosen payment method.

– Neteller

It is another of the most widely used online payment methods. Through this channel, our funds will also arrive instantly without the need to offer any financial information to the broker . It works as an online wallet , it is not necessary to link any type of debit or credit card to Neteller.

Neteller’s fundamental feature is the security offered, since the transactions are carried out using an SSL navigation system and uses 128-bit encryption keys (such as a bank).

Its registration is free, but the operations require the payment of commissions generally both when depositing or when withdrawing funds from the account to our bank account or card.

– Klarna / Sofort

For customers in the European area, the use of Klarna (previously known as Sofort Banking) is available. It is an online banking medium, with data protection certificate and secure payment (TÜV certificate).

Only by selecting the payment destination and establishing a connection with our online banking, the selected amount of money is transferred. The operations must be confirmed by the owner by means of a password that will reach our mobile phone by SMS.

It can be a quick alternative to traditional bank transfers .

– Skrill

Skrill is another of the online systems to transfer money . Like those seen above, it is not necessary to supply our bank details to the recipient of the money since it acts as a bridge. It is an electronic purse that is recharged manually.

Opening an account with Skrill and using it for our money transfers is easy. In addition, it has the authorization of the FCA (UK regulatory body) as a means of payment. We cannot question the security of our funds and the successful completion of transactions.

The disadvantage of this way to IC Markets Deposit funds is inherent to all of its nature: online payment methods are safe and fast, but they usually apply commissions on each operation.

– Wire transfer

The most classic method of transferring funds between accounts is a bank transfer. Security in this case is not in question , nor is it necessary to offer any type of information since it is the client himself who has the initiative and performs the necessary actions (informing his bank about the destination of the transfer).

In this image we see that, by selecting the currency in which we want to transfer the money, IC Markets supplies us with its bank details in order to issue a transfer order. It is not necessary to offer the broker any type of financial information.

It is usually a slow but cheap method , despite the fact that its commissions depend on those agreed with the bank itself and, normally, national and intra-euro transfers are usually free; IC Markets is based in Australia, therefore, as it is an international transfer, it is very likely that our bank will charge us a fee for this transfer.

On the other hand, international bank transfers can take days to arrive ; it is the slowest payment method.

– Rapid Transfer (available for Europe)

Fast transfers precisely solve the problem in the slowness of the process. But, on the other hand, they are subject to higher commissions .

The Rapid Transfer system allows instant online payment . It is only supported for customers belonging to Europe.

– Transfer between brokers

IC Markets has relationships with other Forex and CFD brokers . This fact allows your clients to transfer funds from open accounts with other intermediaries .

In this case, the trader must fill out an application form and send it scanned so that IC Markets begins to carry out the relevant fund transfer actions.

– Other less common means of payment

In addition to the payment mechanisms seen, IC Markets also offers the possibility, for its clients settled in the area (we assume), to make the deposit of funds through Thai and Vietnamese Banking on the Internet.

Another resource is to deposit the funds in Bitcoins . Through the BitPay system, money is entered into the trading account at the exchange rate established at the time of the transaction.

Important : IC Markets policy (as it happens in any regulated broker), to comply with the security and anti-money laundering requirements of regulatory bodies, is to execute money withdrawals by the same means of payment by which funds have been deposited, whenever possible . For this reason, it is important to choose carefully what form of payment we are going to use to deposit, bearing in mind that the same form of payment must be available when we want to withdraw funds. The payment method must also be in the same name as the holder of the trading account and we must be able to prove it in case the broker requests it at any time.


STEP 4- We complete the data for the deposit

IC Markets does not apply fees to transfer the funds , all the commissions that may be imposed on us will come from the chosen means of payment. Based on this factor, and since our intention is to deposit quickly, for our real experience we select the credit card as a means of depositing the money.

UPGRADE:For this real experience we have decided to use the credit card as a mechanism to deposit the funds in the IC Markets trading account, as we usually do in most of the brokers we have used. However, based on our experience in withdrawing them, we have found that electronic payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill or Neteller are more recommended with this broker.

IC Markets is a broker based in Australia not integrated into the European payment system , this fact makes interbank operations difficult (at least from here in Spain) and there is an increase in transfer fees as they are international, as we will see in more detail. in the next article in this series. We want to make this point so that you take it into account.

Thus, we select the corresponding option in the choice of the payment method and we go to the screen to complete the data and confirm the sending of the funds .

In the previous article of our real experience with IC Markets, when opening our trading account, we sent, together with the rest of the requested documentation, a photograph of our credit card , to prove that we are the holders of this means of payment. For this reason , we no longer have to do it now .

IC Markets is aware that this card belongs to us and we can use it to deposit the funds. In any case, it is necessary to complete the information about it:

  • We must fill in the missing numbers.
  • Put the expiration date.
  • Enter the security code (CVV).

Once we have carried out this action, we select the amount we are about to enter . In our case, to complete this real experience, we are going to deposit € 200 in our trading account with IC Markets.

So we enter it in the corresponding field and press the “Continue” button.

STEP 5- Confirmation of deposit made

As it is an instant payment method, the IC Markets broker informs us that the deposit has been made correctly by pressing the “Continue” button.

On the other hand, it sends us an email informing that the task has been completed successfully and the deposit has been approved.

But in any case, we can also check the availability of funds in our account summary.

You are now ready to trade in real and continue to value the performance of IC Markets . But this will be the subject of our next article on this real experience .


We do not have much to report on the experience of depositing funds in the trading account with IC Markets. The whole process has been developed in a very fast and simple way . In just five steps (four if we ignore the IC Markets Deposit confirmation), our funds have been transferred to our trading account.

IC Markets offers a large number of options to transfer money and feed our account with capital to operate in the markets. We have opted for the credit card as it is a safe and fast way .

For the rest, we still find the interface of the client area used by this broker a bit strange (we are more used to the processes of brokers based in Europe). However, it has not caused us any inconvenience or has hindered the process . As we have already commented in the previous article, all the interface and e-mail received are in English , so for some users we understand that it may be somewhat uncomfortable.

So far, the real experience with IC Markets has been satisfactory, both the opening of the trading account exposed in the previous article ( Real Experience: How to Open an Account in IC Markets ) and the IC Markets Deposit of funds that we have just made. In the next article , third and last of this cycle, we will assess this broker in a more complete way after carrying out a small trading operation, proceed to withdraw all the funds from our account and see how long it takes to receive them:

As always we encourage you to send us any comments about this article in the form you have at the bottom of this page and if it has helped you, we would appreciate it if you could help us share it on your social networks. Thank you.


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