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What is ING Orange Broker?

The Broker Naranja is the broker of the online bank ING Direct, which in turn belongs to the Dutch financial group ING, one of the largest banks in the world.

For this reason, we can be sure that this broker is one of those that offers more security than any other on the Spanish national scene, this being one of its main advantages.

Obviously, when we open an account in this broker, we are opening an account with the online bank ING Direct.

Note that this broker does not have a minimum deposit, being able to deposit the amount that the client wants, with the only limit of having money to buy and maintain at least one title.

An important fact is that the Orange Broker only accepts clients resident in Spain.

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Risk warning!

ING Direct Broker

This broker offers the possibility of investing in the regulated stock markets, and therefore in stocks, ETFs and investment funds.

At the moment it does not offer the possibility of investing or trading in futures , forex or CFDs.

The minimum amount to open an account is the necessary to buy a title, so in practice there is no minimum amount, and we can open an account with a small amount of € 200, for example.

However, due to the cost of operating in shares, it is recommended that a much higher account be opened.

The available markets are the main European markets and those of the United States.

The main advantage of this broker is that it does not charge commission , account maintenance or dividend expenses , which makes it ideal for long-term investments.

ING broker facilitates the transfer of portfolios from other brokers, which will be done in a simple and interactive way if the portfolio has less than 300,000 euros and has no international securities.

ING Broker platform

ING’s platform is interactive and free, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

With it we can apply all kinds of orders in our stock operations, such as: market orders, limited, at best, stop loss, etc.

Another feature of the Orange Broker is that it allows us to create virtual portfolios with which we can measure our expertise in the world of investment without risking our money. Perfect tool for testing strategies.

Other services that we can find with the Orange Broker are those of social investment , where we can follow portfolios of other investors, as well as more things like:

Market sentiment
Track favorite values
Most purchased securities
More frequent traces that allow us to search for the most interesting values ​​in an advanced way
Expert recommendation
Model wallets
Stock Reports
Create alerts for possible purchases or operations
Real Time Plus with real data for the most dedicated investors, free tool if more than 6 trades are traded per quarter

ING Broker Commissions Orange
ING Commission Market Expenses Custody
Spain shares – 0.20% or minimum of € 8 – € 1.10 if less than € 300 nominal
– € 13.40 if more than € 140,000 No
USA Shares – 0.20% or minimum of $ 20. – No
Euro Shares – 0.20% or minimum of € 20 (€ 30 for Belgium, Portugal and Finland) – No
UK Shares – 0.20% or minimum of 20 GBP – No
ING Orange Broker’s Review

The Orange Broker is one of the classics in the Spanish stock market scene.

Without a doubt, one of the most reputable and secure brokers on the market.

The only complaints that can be heard about this broker is about whether it is a little expensive for certain commissions or if it does not have more product offers, but beyond that nothing else.

However, this is one of the brokers with the most satisfied clients.

The same can be seen in some of the main Spanish national Stock Exchange forums, such as Rankia or labolsavirtual.

This broker is one of the ones we like the most because it offers a slightly aggressive trading profile, in such a way that it seems that it is looking more for long-term clients and is not interested in the short-term noise of the markets.

In this way, the Orange Broker is not usually the broker chosen by the day traders because their conditions in this field are surpassed by a good part of the competitors in both the Spanish and international markets.

But it is that in reality, the best thing that traders would do is to trade less in the short term and more in the medium and long term, and ING Direct with its Orange Broker is one of the best brokers that Spanish traders and investors can find in that countryside.

As we know, the Orange Broker does not offer CFDs, Forex or futures, in what seems like a strange business decision, since many of its competitors do offer them.

However, we believe that this does not have to be bad per se, since many brokers make their services worse by trying to cover too much, so if we consider that ING’s service is good, we can rest assured that we are in good hands And believe us, with operating in the stock markets there is more than enough. There is really no need to go to other markets, although as we already know, for different colors.

ING Orange Broker reviews

This is easy to understand since the typical client of the Orange Broker is a long-term investor of stocks, funds or ETFs, much easier terrain than the intraday of the derivative markets, where the problems multiply by 100.

This is an excellent broker for investors who want to have long-term portfolios, since it does not charge a custody fee and you do not have to be aware of that.

Commissions are not the cheapest in the market, but we emphasize that if the mentality is to maintain investments in shares for relatively long periods, this broker is the right choice.

In addition, with it you have a bank account in one of the most important banks in the world, with the comfort and security that this implies.

Markets: Stocks, ETFs and investment funds.
Country: Spain
Regulation: CNMV
Minimum deposit : –
Platform: web and interactive.
Commissions: from € 8 on the Spanish national market.

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