IQ Options review – Is iq options safe?


Country: Cyprus
Regulation: Cyprus
Type: binary options
Markets: stocks, Forex, gold and oil
Minimum deposit: 10
Methods: Skrill, card, transfer
Platform: own
Payout: up to 92%
What is the IQ Option?

IQ Option is one of the most important brokers of the binary options market in the world.

It began its journey in 2013, which has not prevented it from placing itself at the level of the leading brokers in the global binary options market in a matter of a few years. This in itself shows that this broker has quite good characteristics within the sector.

In particular, this broker was characterized by being one of the first to offer a demo account in the binary options market, something that at the time was a very important innovation and that involved a large number of clients.

As we should know, the demo platform allows you to trade with play money under the same conditions as if it were real, so we can see what the platform is like and the conditions of the live broker.

The fact of offering a demo together with the fact that the conditions of the IQ Option were, and are, among the best in the world binary market made the broker quickly rise to the top positions in the binary broker market.

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Risk warning!

In the case of IQ Option, to open the demo account it is only necessary to provide the name, email and the corresponding password. It should be noted in this case that they do not ask for data as sensitive as the telephone or bank. Many people do not open demo accounts because of the phone, as many brokers have the policy of calling clients as soon as they open the demo account, some of them in a somewhat heavy way.

With it you will enjoy a virtual balance of 1,000 euros or dollars with which to practice as if it were real money.

This broker is regulated by the CySEC of Cyprus since it is based in that country, one of the most important in the world of trading, with a large industry of Forex , CFDs and binary brokers .

The registration number is 247/14 and it is also registered with the FCA and other European regulatory bodies.

Being in the European Union, IQ Option has to comply with the regulations of the same as the MiFID regulation.

Client funds are protected by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund up to € 20,000.

A point that many clients like is the fact that the minimum withdrawal is 10 euros or dollars, much lower than what is imposed by most of the rest of the world brokers.

Regarding the promotion of the broker, the same continued with its innovative character, this time in the promotional field, associating itself with Aston Martin Racing, the car racing team of the legendary brand.

IQ Option minimum deposit


The minimum deposit to open an account is 10 euros, well below what most brokers ask for, and in this case more than enough to start trading with IQ Option, since this broker allows you to carry out operations from 1 euro or dollar.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made quite simply by different methods available online such as: card, transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, etc. They are usually complete in three business days, except transfers. As with deposits, the minimum is 10 euros or dollars.

IQ option markets

IQ Option offers over 80 financial assets so you can easily trade binary options. These assets are the most popular and traded securities in the world, among them we have:

Actions: Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Twitter, BBVA , Santander, etc.
Stock indices: DAX30, SP500, Nasdaq, CAC40, etc.
Other assets: oil, gold and silver.

As we can see we have options to trade in any type of market, be it stocks, Forex or even some raw materials such as gold or oil. With this we will be able to diversify our operations among the different markets, since there will always be one that moves.

One of the best features of this broker is that it offers the possibility of trading on weekends on some instruments selected by IQ Option.

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IQ Options platform

The IQ Options platform is quite simple and can be managed perfectly in a few minutes, without the need for a too large learning curve.

With it, we can operate two types of basic options: the classic and turbo binaries, which last between one minute and five.

Unlike other brokers, it does not offer one-touch or range options, which can sometimes be good because it is better to offer few products with good quality than not many.

The platform of this broker is one of the most popular in the sector, having a fairly positive opinion on a regular basis.

The available languages ​​are 9, including, of course, Spanish.

The platform includes several charts with popular technical indicators such as MACD, RSI, ATR, Bollinger, etc., so we do not need to have another external chart provider. Although it never hurts to have a Metatrader account , for example, with which to look at the charts in a comparative way or to make decisions about operations. However, the IQ Option platform is quite good on its own and sufficient in most cases.

In the case of this platform we can have up to 4 open markets at the same time.

The prices provided come from Thomson Reuters, so we can be sure that we have a good data connection.

Another extra option is to be able to negotiate with the platform in web mode without the need to download any program on the computer.

As it could not be otherwise, we also have the option to negotiate from our mobile phones and tablets, with which the connection provided by the broker is total. In particular, IQ Options has its own mobile apps available for both Apple and Android.

IQ Option regulation

This broker is based in London, the trading capital of the world, belonging to the company Infofield Premir Limited, a Cypriot company, licensed by the European Union, with which the broker has the backing of English, European and regulatory regulations. in Cyprus with CySEC.

As usual in these cases, customer deposits are segregated in independent bank accounts, complying with the strict regulations of the European Union in this regard.

IQ Option services

This broker has customer service in different languages, which can be done by phone, email or the tickets available on its platform.

Another service offered by this broker is training, with a series of video tutorials with which we will be able to interactively see the basic foundations of the main technical indicators, the platform, the markets, etc.

IQ Option accounts

In addition to the free demo account, we can open two real accounts that will be the Basic and the VIP, depending on the deposit made. Obviously the VIP has better characteristics.

IQ Option real account

Risk warning

In addition to the aforementioned demo data, it will be necessary to provide additional data to be able to operate the real account. They are the typical ones that brokers usually ask for regulatory issues and that consist of: an identification document and an address document.

VIP account

In this the minimum deposit is 1,000 euros and has additional functions to the real one such as: a personal assistant, a monthly operations analysis, better conditions for withdrawing money or trading bonds.

IQ Option reviews

This is a broker with varied opinions in the markets, as it always happens with binary options brokers, because as we should know we are talking about a very fast market and in which it is easy to win and lose, so the number of clients frustrated is quite large.

In this sense, being one of the best-known binary options brokers, it has many comments on the best-known websites in the sector, both Spanish-speaking and in English.

We can find opinions about it in Rankia , La Bolsa Virtual , Forex Factory , Trade2win and the other forex forums and world financial markets.

If we consider that this broker has had millions of accounts open in the world, we can get an idea of ​​the number of satisfied and dissatisfied clients that it will have had.

This is so, we repeat, because the sector of binary options is one in which people lose money easily and, of course, when people lose easily, there is always the search for culprits, etc.

In the case of IQ Option we have a series of unique questions that make it a broker with somewhat better opinions than the industry average.

For example, the rather important fact that it has its own trading platform, which most other binary brokers cannot say, since they use the same platform, developed by the Spot Option.

In this sense, the platform is quite good and has very good opinions.

It is robust and easy to use, as well as providing acceptable graphics. Therefore, customers take control of it quickly.

The format of this platform is web-based, that is, you can access it from any computer with an internet connection.

One of the most common complaints in the world of binary options and from which IQ Option does not escape is that the prices are different from those of the real markets.

This is common in the vast majority of derivatives markets, both Forex, binary options and CFDs, where prices can vary slightly with the market reals. This is so because price updates and their suppliers may differ in seconds and data in a marginal way. In other words, depending on the provider, we may have small variations, but at the moment of truth they are not significant. For example, in the case of the IQ Option we are talking about Thomsom Reuters, one of the most reliable providers of financial information in the world.

One point to keep in mind at IQ Option is the fact that the mobile app is among the best rated on the market.

Another type of common complaints with this broker are those related to the number of markets in which to operate, since it is not as large as we can find in typical traditional stock brokers, for example.

In this sense, we can say that this is something common to the vast majority of binary options brokers, since they usually offer a few dozen instruments.

In reality, although some traders want more instruments, it is better that it be so, because to trade it is better to have few instruments but good ones, not many with bad conditions or service.

Furthermore, we can assure that with more than 80 assets we have covered the most important markets in the world with a very high degree of diversification.

That is, we do not need more because here we have actions as different as Apple or BBVA, and values ​​such as oil, gold or EURUSD.

A detail that many traders comment that is not liked by some of them is the fact that this broker only offers two types of options, those already mentioned before.

In this sense, it is possible that the broker would do well to incorporate some other type of negotiation as other brokers do, as this would increase the ratio of satisfied customers, but this does not mean that doing so would have to be a better broker per se.

In reality, for binary options trading, the normal operations of this market should suffice: that is, deciding whether the value will go down or up.

No need to complicate things unnecessarily.

For example, what do the most professional trading markets in the world offer in futures?

Well the same, classic futures trading in which you either buy or sell the contract, with no other options to simply do almost unnecessary operations.

In this sense it is the same. We can assure that in the binary options we will have enough with the operation of the classic ones.

All we have to do is try to have a good strategy and put it to work.

That and acceptable trading conditions, such as the IQ Option, is more than enough.

A feature of this broker that some traders appreciate is the fact of being able to obtain a return of up to 45% in case we regret the option and want to close it early. Something like they would say: a retreat in time is better than a defeat.

As for customer service, it is a broker that provides a good service with a telephone in Spanish available from Madrid, with which they attend to any problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our opinion of IQ Option

This is one of the best binary options brokers both for trading costs and for the services it provides.

In particular, the fact that you can make trades of only one euro or dollar is remarkable, which is a great advantage for those traders who start in the world of binaries, since with this we can operate in a much more cautious way and we It serves to follow a more progressive learning curve. In other words, if our strategy goes well, we can increase the size of the operation. Otherwise, we will keep it.

For more information, visit the website.

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