London Capital Group Review

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  • Country: UK
  • Regulation: FCA
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Markets: Forex, CFDs on indices and raw materials
  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Minimum deposit: –
  • Deposit methods: transfer, card
  • Spread: from 0.6 EURUSD
  • Commission: no
  • Scalping: yes

What is London Capital Group?

London Capital Group is one of the leading English Forex and CFD brokers . It is one of the main groups in the sector in the United Kingdom, where it has a significant market share in those markets and in spread betting.

This company is regulated by the English FCA and is even listed on the London Stock Exchange.

London Capital Group minimum deposit

Opening a London Capital Group account does not require a minimum deposit, but the necessary margin to operate your instruments. Deposit methods are as follows: by transfer and by credit card.

The platform offered by LCG is MetaTrader 4 and its respective mobile or tablet version. With it you can have access to Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators and Scripts.

LCG does not usually offer promotions or training services, rather focusing on providing trading services. Although in English it has some market analysis services.

London Capital Group spreads and commissions

In July 2018, a new maximum leverage will be applied for traders residing in Europe by ESMA regulations. The same, which will apply to Forex products and CFDs we have in the following table:

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Risk warning!

productsNew leverage
Main Forex pairs30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies2: 1 or 50% margin

The broker provides Forex trading and index and commodity CFDs.

Minimum transactionTypical spreadLeverage
SP 500100 USD x point0.4100
DAX 3010 EUR x point0.9100
IBEX 3510 EUR x point4100
WTI Oil1,000 barrels0.03100
Natural gas10,000 pcs.0.01100
Gold10 ounces0.4100
Coffee37,500 pounds0.36100

Commissions will be by volume, varying as follows:

Millions tradedCommission per million
0 to 10030
100 to 400twenty-one
400 to 1,000fifteen
1,000 to 2,00012
More than 2,0007.5

London Capital Group review

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious CFD and Forex brokers.

In its years, LCG became one of the benchmarks of the institutional Forex market, although it recently decided that division and focus on the retail trading company.

In terms of conditions, this is one of the most serious brokers on the market and offers very good trading conditions, even if it is not in the typical ECN model.

The biggest but of LCG is that the conditions are designed for more or less large accounts, since unlike many other brokers, it does not offer contracts of 0.01 minilotes, but the minimum size of forex is 10,000 units. This is seen more clearly in the other instruments, in which the trading conditions are similar to the original futures, resulting in very large contracts, only suitable for large accounts.

For example, the DAX contract of € 10 per point is equivalent to a contract of more than € 100,000 today, something that cannot be operated by everyone.

For others, one of the most serious options when it comes to trading in the forex derivatives and CFDs today.

For more information, visit the website .

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