NinjaTrader platform – Is the NinjaTrader platform worth it?

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The NinjaTrader platform has become one of the most used and prestigious in the trading world and is the one used by the prestigious forex and futures broker with the same name .

Contrary to other important platforms in the North American market, the Ninja Trader has exported its graphics system to international markets, hand in hand with some of the most important brokers in the world.

Among these brokers we have Interactive Brokers , Oanda , FXCM , City Index, Ameritrade, MB Trading and so we see that we have some of the giants of the respective markets such as stocks, Forex or futures, both in the United States as in the rest of the world.

Additionally, NinjaTrader’s other product, its market data service, Kinetic, serves brokers and companies such as TradeStation , Coinbase, eSignal, IQ Feed, Global Datafeeds, TrueData, BitMEX, Cedro Technologies, and Portara CQG .

What is the best of the NinjaTrader platform?

Well, its use for the basic functions is free and we can use its demo to do simulated trading whenever we want, in addition to getting backtesting and trading simulation.

Starting to use the platform is as easy as going to its official website and hitting the download button.

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Risk warning!

After downloading, we will have to install the application on our PC and later enter the username and password that NinjaTrader has sent us by email.

As simple as that and we will be seeing how this fantastic live platform works.

In the platform overview we can create as many windows as we want that we can organize in our own way.

For example, we can have different charts of the same instrument, such as two asset temporalities.

We can also have the window with the depth of the market, where we see the existing volumes on both the purchase and sale sides.

We can also see a screen with general data of the main markets or those that we have chosen.

With this platform we can trade Futures, Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, although with Ninja Trader we can open futures and Forex accounts.

However, if we buy the paid version we will be able to see much more advanced functions, such as the order flow in charts, where we will be able to analyze in a much more profound way how the market depth is forming, which is something that more advanced traders do , definitely.

With this, we will inform ourselves of possible situations of imbalance, which is what short-term trading is all about.

A great function of this platform is that we can “rewind” and go backwards, taking old sessions and putting them to work in such a way that we can operate in the same way as if we were on the day we choose, being able to test our skills trading.

Development of the Ninja Trader platform

One of the most interesting things about this platform is the huge community of traders and developers who are behind it, both professionally and in terms of traders who provide add-on-type solutions that improve its functionality.

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This is wonderful, making the NinjaTrader one of the platforms with the most potential on the market.

If you have C # programming skills, then the limit is heaven, since you can create almost everything you can think of, both on the platform and for trading systems.

NinjaTrader platform price

Like all great services we will have the paid versions.

With the free one we will have the essential functions and we will be able to trade in the markets that we want with almost all the needs of the traders.

However, we will have more trading options with the advanced packages, which are already used by professional or even institutional traders.

These extra trader functions include:

Modify orders through indicators
Advanced Super DOM (Market Depth)
Trading on the chart
Automatic trading and backtesting
One order cancels the other (OCO)
Development of indicators and trading applications
And many more

As for the order flow , which we talked about earlier, this will be available only to those who purchase a permanent license.

The rental option is $ 600 paid annually (there are options to pay half a year and quarterly) and includes the extra trading functions.

The permanent license costs $ 999 a year.

These prices may change over time without prior notice.

Is the NinjaTrader platform worth it?

In my opinion this is one of the best platforms that we can find in the futures and derivatives market, which I have tried extensively in the past with it.

I never did stocks and cryptocurrencies on this platform, but I’m sure the standard is the same.

Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the top 5 retail trading platforms in the world, both for versatility, as well as functionality and potential.

For more information, visit the website.

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