NinjaTrader reviews – NinjaTrader Broker Is Reliable?


Do you want to know if Ninjatrader brokerage is a good broker?

Well, first of all this is a review about the Ninjatrader broker, and not about the platform with the same name and which also belongs to the same company.

This is a broker that I know well as I was a direct client years ago. I am going to tell you my opinion on whether it is a good broker or not, but before we will see what it is about.

What is Ninjatrader Broker?


The truth is that in the beginning it was a software company that had developed the famous platform with its name, which quickly became one of the most popular in the world of the future. However, later the company made a huge leap and fully entered the world of derivatives brokerage with its acquisition of the well-known broker Mirus Futures.

Shortly after acquiring the NinjaTrader broker, he started the process to be able to offer Forex trading in the NFA, thereby expanding the futures offer of the original broker.

Therefore, we see that Ninjatrader brokerage is regulated by the United States NFA under number 339976 and offers both Forex and Futures trading.

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Open account in Ninja Brokerage

To open an account with Ninjatrader the first thing we have to do is choose the type of account that can be:

of future
Of options
Of systems
Buy the platform

For the opening of a Ninja futures account, the most typical of this broker, we have the option to choose between two options: Philip Capital or Dorman Trading, since Ninjabroker works as an introductory agent for them; Some of the most typical in futures brokers.

For example, if we choose Dorman Trading, we get a screen where we have to enter our data, such as: username, email, password, password confirmation, security question, first name, middle name, country, and type of account .

Here we have the registration with Dorman Trading

After doing so, we will have to wait for the data to be accepted and later we will be asked to send proof of our identity and our place of residence. The first can be with a copy of the identity document or passport and the second with a receipt for our water, electricity or telephone bills that come with our address; A bank statement showing our address will also serve.

Then you will have to wait for the broker’s agents to confirm the data, which should take between 24 and 48 hours.

In the case of wanting to open a Forex account with NinjaBroker the process is similar, but in this case the brokers that provide the service are FXCM and CityIndex. Ninja acts as an intermediary broker with them, but this does not mean that the conditions are worse in this case, since they are at least as good as if the account with these brokers was opened directly; To do this, NinjaTrader negotiates favorable conditions for its clients.

It is also possible to transfer an account from another similar American broker.

NinjaTrader minimum deposit

When everything is approved, we can make the first deposit and start operating.

However, it depends on what type of account we have, we will have to make a deposit or another. The minimum deposit to open an account is:

For futures account: 400 USD
For Forex account: 50 USD

How to deposit money?

Ninjatrader is a classic American futures broker and therefore the most typical way to deposit money is by bank transfer.

How to withdraw money?

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The most common method for international clients is to process a transfer through the Ninjatrader electronic system.

Customers in the United States can also withdraw by check, but this is an option that is only available in that country.

NinjaTrader Markets

This broker offers three types of assets: futures, financial options and Forex. NinjaTrader does not offer trading or trading on stocks.

Its best-known product, without a doubt, is futures, being one of the world’s leading brokers in the sector.

In futures markets, customers always worry about two measures: margins and commissions.

NinjaTrader futures guarantees (margins)

NinjaTrader margins are as follows:

Market Margin
Micro S & P500 50 USD
Micro nasdaq 50 USD
Mini S & P500 500 USD
Mini Nasdaq 500 USD
Mini DAX  1,000 EUR
Gold 1,000 USD
Petroleum 1,000 USD
NinjaTrader broker commissions

As for commissions, we have to differentiate between pure broker commissions and those that are imposed due to market issues.

For example, for the best-known contract on the market, the future of the S & P500 (ES), we have the following commissions:

Exchange and NFA: $ 1.20
Route: $ 0.10
Depending on the license:
Lifetime: $ 0.59
Read: $ 0.89
Free: $ 1.19


Commission by contract Lifetime Read Free
Mini S & P500 1.89 2.19 2.49
Micro S & P500 0.41 0.51 0.61
Mini DAX 1.09 1.39 1.69
Financial options 0.59 1.89 1.39

Financial option fees work similarly to futures fees, based on the differences between platform licenses.

NinjaTrader licenses

You may wonder why there are three licenses.

As with many other brokers in other sectors, such as CFDs or Forex , in this case each license gives us certain characteristics.

As we can see, it seems that it is advantageous to be able to operate with a lifetime license because it is cheaper. So, the most logical thing would be to buy it. Good idea.

However, let’s not go so fast, because there is the question: How much does the license “for life”?

Or rather: How much does NinjaTrader cost?

Let’s see the cost of licenses:

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Risk warning

Types of license Lifetime Read Free
License cost 1,099 USD 60 USD / month Free

Also, top accounts give other Premium features. In the case of the Lifetime license we have the “Order Flow” function, which allows advanced trading functions.

In the case of the Lease account, we also have a series of functions that are not available in the Free account. For example:

DOM (Market Depth) improved
Advanced alerts
OCO orders
Trading from the chart

Everything will depend on how sophisticated your system is or your financial situation. Then I will give my opinion about it.

Automated NinjaTrader systems

This is one of the strongest brokers in the world of futures, with a wide range of automated systems to be able to be replicated.

In order to explore the systems, you must register in the corresponding section, after which they will give us access to the more than 1,000 systems available.

As usual with this type of services, we can choose the systems based on different criteria such as:

Yield per period
Capital required
Traded markets

What’s more, one of the advantages of this broker and its platform is that it allows the development of strategies in a fairly flexible way, using a framework based on C #, which is well known among programming lovers.

Ninja Trader in Spanish (customer service)

One of the key characteristics of this broker, which led it to be one of the world leaders in the futures market, is its excellent customer service, including Spanish, which is one of the broker’s main languages ​​along with English, Russian and German.

The broker has a website totally dedicated to the Hispanic market in Spanish .

The fastest way to contact is by calling 312 262 1289.

It is also possible to fill in personal data in the registration form of your “contact” page. The NinjaTrader team is committed to responding within minutes.

Various means to learn the different functions of the broker include:

Youtube channel
Free online webinars
Video library
Platform Guides
FAQ section
Own forum
NinjaTrader brokerage reviews

NinjaTrader broker is one of the most prestigious brokers in the world and it is not by chance.

Many of the queries that we are going to find about this broker have to do with the platform itself, which is already a guarantee to clearly see that we are dealing with a broker that is not a scam and that is completely legit. In other words, people are not concerned with whether the broker is going to return their money or not, but with technical questions about the platform.

For example, in Rankia , there are several threads of people asking for questions related to brokers that can operate with this platform. In them we can see many questions related to algorithms and the possibility of scheduling orders through this platform.

Of course, we can also see many opinions about it in the classic world trading forums, especially Americans like Eliltetrader or even generic forums like Reddit. The Ninjatrader platform is obviously much more popular in the United States, where CFDs cannot be traded , so the number of people using it is far greater than, for example, in Europe. As usual in this broker most of the opinions are positive, and more related to technical issues.

In an interesting thread from Elitetrader, they wonder why the platform is worth $ 1,000 in its “for life” version, when other brokers like TradeStation or platforms like SierraChart are free. The theme is that here it is about using advanced functionalities, something that the Lifetime license offers, and that the free one does not, so in the end it is about paying to “receive more”. Given this, as I said before, everything will depend on your situation and your preferences in trading. Obviously this is not necessary for all traders, but it can be for some professional trader. For example, imagine that you are a professional trader making $ 100,000 a year. What does it mean to pay $ 1,000 for life in this case if it means improving your trading conditions?

The most negative thing I can find is some reddit thread, in which some users prefer Metatrader 4 or Multicharts platforms , because they say they are better for the individual trader from a programming point of view. Although, this obviously can be the subject of personal opinions, and surely many people prefer the NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader review

Now I am going to give you my opinion of this very popular futures broker formerly known as Mirus Futures, which I used a lot at the time.

I said it before, but I think I am not mistaken in saying that this is one of those brokers that we can be sure that we can say that it is not a scam.

Does that mean that it is a broker where it is easy to make money?

Absolutely. Rather the opposite, as this is common in the futures market; professional but complicated market where they exist.

The broker has an almost impeccable reputation from the start as Mirus Futures, having been one of the best-known futures futures brokers in the Spanish-speaking world.

If you look, it is a broker that acts as an introducer like others, like Dorman Trading. However, this does not mean that it is better to open an account with Dorman, thinking that we will operate cheaper. In reality this is not so since the conditions that Ninja achieves are so good that it makes it able to offer fully competitive prices to traders. This happens with almost all American futures brokers , which have to depend on FCMs to be able to “clear” their operations.

With the advent of Micro contracts, these types of brokers, among which is Ninjabroker, have taken a very big step in attracting clients, since right now it is no longer so difficult to operate futures for retail traders with small accounts.

However, is the Micro contract worth operating?

If we consider that this contract is 10 times smaller than the Mini, then we realize that the commission price is not so cheap, and that operating too much in Micro is a significant disadvantage with respect to the operation of the contract Mini.

Let’s see it like this:

Contracts Micro Mini
Size one 10
Commission 0.61 2.59

As we can see, the commission is 5 times less; but if it were corresponding to the size of the contract it should be approximately 0.26, and not 0.61. This may or may not be problematic, depending on the trading style. It is clear that for algorithmic and high frequency trading operations, this worsening of conditions based on commissions is not desired. Now, if the strategy is for more durable operations, then things change. In general, most of those who operate these instruments are with operations that last very little, so it is a cost to take into account and that makes the micro contract, undoubtedly, not so efficient to operate intraday.

In any case, the broker has excellent conditions that are difficult to improve due to the competition of futures and options brokers. Another thing turns out with Forex trading, for which it is surely possible to find better brokers abroad.

Comment that before the minimum deposit was $ 1,000 and that the drop to 400 helps a lot to open accounts, especially with an eye on the operations of micro contracts.

With the issue of deposits you should not worry because they are with transfer. This gives extra security to this broker and although it is not a reliable system, it is a safe and reliable system with our money in the safest banks in the United States. At the time, many years ago I made numerous international transfers and withdrawals to this broker without any problem.

With the topic of the platform and which one to choose, we have an issue similar to that of Mini and Micro contracts. If what we are going to do is professional high frequency trading with thousands of contracts per year, it is clear that it is worth buying the Lifetime access, or if we are not sure of our rental system, perhaps to see if it works or not. In other cases, where we are going to carry out fewer operations, with a calmer trading, then the Free mode is more than enough, and in general it should be for most small traders.

If you decide to open a penny with Ninjatrader Brokerage, I wish you luck and remember that futures trading is complicated and you would do well to be very careful.

Country: USA
Regulation: NFA
Markets: Forex, Futures, financial options
Minimum deposit: 400 USD
Deposit methods: transfer
Platform: NinjaTrader
Commissions: 6 USD lot in Forex; 4.22 round turn e-mini, for standard accounts (no platform cost).

For more information visit the website .

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