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The best way to learn how to trade on the stock market or to familiarize yourself with the trading software of an online broker is to open a demo account .

Plus500 (CFD Service) is one of the most recommended online brokers for beginners when starting to trade on the stock market ( See Plus500 opinions ). Its commissions or spreads (spreads between purchase and sale prices) are not the lowest on the market but instead it does offer the easiest investment platform to manage and understand and it is a multipurpose broker with a multitude of investment instruments (more 2,000 shares, currencies, raw materials, indices, …).

Plus500 (CFD Service) offers a free demo account that will allow you to quickly learn to manage its platform and start trading on the stock market:

– The Plus500 demo account is totally free .

– It has no time limit (compared to other boker that usually limit its use to 15, 30 days, …).

– You do not need to provide any personal or bank information . It only asks for an e-mail address and that you establish a password.

– The Plus500 Demo (CFD Service) has a balance of € 40,000 of play money that will allow you to do investment tests without putting your money at risk .

– The investment operation is exactly the same as in real conditions. It offers all the instruments and conditions that a real money account has .

How to open a Plus500 demo account?

Opening a demo account with Plus500 is very simple and it only takes a minute to get the investment platform ready:

1- Download Plus500 investment software by clicking here . Click on “Start Now” and then “Download Now”.

2- Install Plus500 investment software (CFD Service).

3- When running Plus500 click on the option “ Test Mode ”

4- To create a new account you only need to indicate your e-mail and establish a password.

5- After creating the account you can now access the investment platform. In the upper left you have the list of elements in which you can trade grouped by categories (such as currencies, raw materials, indices, ETFs and exchanges from some 20 countries around the world). If you select an investment category, in the upper central part you will see the available instruments along with the purchase price and the sale price of each one and a “Details” link with which you can access all the information you need to operate with that instrument. At the bottom you will see the graph with the evolution that the investment instrument you have had has had.

How long is it convenient to use the demo before moving to a real account?

Most people usually open a demo account and start trading without too much control, without pressure or fear of losing , since there is only play money at stake. But that is not the most appropriate way to learn . It is best to start with a Plus500 demo account (CFD Service) in order to familiarize yourself a little with the investment platform . You will see that it is very intuitive and easy to use. Once you have done a few test operations it is time to use a real account : When you invest with a real account your behavior is much more careful, you learn to be disciplined , to analyze the operations carefully anddevelop your own investment method .

You always need to have a knowledge base but the most important thing is PRACTICE . With the experience that practice gives you, you can develop your own investment strategy, learn from your mistakes and know when and where to trade. Remember that you can open a real account in Plus500 with as little as € 100 and you can start by making small transactions to analyze your results.

We also recommend that you continue reading our ” Investment Strategies ” section where you will find more information and examples for trading online with Plus500 (CFD Service).


Discover our real experience on how to open a Plus500 account, deposit funds and withdraw money . We show you step by step , with screenshots and we explain all the details you should know:HOW DOES PLUS500 WORK?


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