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What is Renta 4?

Renta 4 is perhaps the best-known Spanish broker , which has been serving its clients for more than 25 years and has been visited by a large part of the Spanish who have made stocks at some time in their lives.

Today Renta 4 has changed its brand to Renta 4 Banco, which is now called its main activity, since we are no longer talking only about a broker but about a whole regulated investment bank in Spain with which we can contract financial services at all levels. imaginable.

This broker started in 1986 and today has more than 290,000 clients of all kinds, specializing in all investment areas, being today one of the most prestigious financial groups in Spain.

This is a broker that we have tried as clients in the past, and of which we can only speak good words.

Without a doubt we are talking about one of the best brokers on the market.

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Risk warning!

Renta 4 Bag


Renta 4 has even been listed on the stock exchange since 2007 and acquired a banking license, which also makes it a bank since 2012, with all the regulatory requirements that this entails, and putting this broker at another level.

The synergy of its banking and brokerage business places this broker in a privileged position for the business of wealth management and specialized financial advice.

Furthermore, not many Spanish or even international brokers can boast of being listed on the stock exchange.

Rent 4 offices and customer service

This broker is probably the one with the largest network of offices throughout the Spanish territory, being able to find one in practically all the most important cities in the country such as: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Santander, Zaragoza, Palma De Mallorca , La Coruña, Pamplona, ​​Salamanca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and many others.

This makes it a perfect broker for those clients who want a face-to-face and more personalized treatment than what is given today in most online brokers.

Customer service is therefore excellent, with the possibility of personal communication in the office, by phone, social networks or by email.

Renta 4 offers intermediation in all possible financial markets: stocks, ETFs, investment funds, warrants, options, futures, forex , CFDs, fixed income, SICAVs.

We can see the offer of funds in the specific entry: Rent 4 investment funds

This is one of the brokers with the largest offer of market news services, with regular breaking news on the Spanish and world markets, as well as an economic calendar.

Renta 4 Latin America

Furthermore, Renta 4 is gradually expanding abroad, positioning itself in markets such as Chile or Peru .

Thanks to this movement, Renta 4 may one day become the largest independent broker in the Hispanic world, which is quite promising, due to the fact that the countries of that continent are converging economically with Spain, without haste but without pause. .

There is a lot of potential there.

Open account with Renta 4

For Rent 4 companies and individuals can open an account.

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The process to open an account for an individual is typical of online brokers. First we will have to fill in the form with our personal data and then we will have to prove our identity by sending a copy of an identity document and also a residence document with an invoice that we have in our name.

Unlike with other online brokers in the Forex and CFD markets, for example, with Renta 4 we will have to send our documents via regular mail. With this we can get an idea of ​​the seriousness of this broker.

To make deposits we will have to use the traditional method of bank transfer, typical in this type of broker.

Of course, we can also transfer our investment portfolios with shares of other brokers through their website. In case we have doubts we can always ask customer service.

Training with Renta 4

In the educational aspect, highlight its large number of resources such as newsletters, video comments, stock analysis, opinion articles, stocks and recommended portfolios.

Likewise, Renta 4 has free stock exchange courses quite regularly.

In fact, it usually tends to provide a course every week in a Spanish city, so anyone who wants to go can do it for free, just having to register in advance.

Other aspects to take into account are the provision of CNVM guides as well as the online exposition of the fundamental concepts of trading both in articles and in the form of a dictionary.

Rent 4 Platform

The platform it uses is its own website, with which we can connect from anywhere with great ease.

Another platform available is Fondotop, the best investment fund platform, which would be ideal for those with portfolios in the world of funds.

Another interesting point of Renta 4 is its numerous offer of asset management services, such as: r4 Activa Valores, R4 Activa Fondos, R4 Activa Pensiones and R4 Activa ETFs.

For example, we can see a sample of the warrant platform in the following Income 4 video on youtube.

Renta 4 Summary
Country : Spain
Regulation : CNMV
Foundation year: 1986
Markets: Stocks, ETFs, Funds, Forex, Futures, CFDs, Options, Fixed Income, Warrants,
Commissions: From € 1.5 for national intraday (plus Exchange fee)
Platform: Online
Income: Transfer or check

In July 2018, a new maximum leverage will be applied for traders residing in Europe by ESMA regulations. We have it in the following table:

products New leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin


How does Renta 4 start with commissions in 2019?

Let’s see, because this broker , like most traditional brokers in the Spanish market, usually have their commissions quite similar over the years, with little variation.

Let’s start with the bag, the specialty of this broker.

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Risk warning

Rent 4 bag rates
€ online rates Normal rate Intraday rate
Up to 6,000 4 2
From 6,000 to 50,000 9 4.5
More than 50,000 0.10% 0.05%
€ non-online rates Normal rate Intraday rate
Up to 2,400 6 3
More than 2,400 0.25% 0.125%

To this we must add the Spanish Stock Exchange fees .

They will also apply a series of extra commissions according to:

Hidden volume orders: 0.01% with a maximum of 13.4 euros
Execution restrictions: 0.02% with a maximum of 0.5 and a maximum of 1 euro per order
Orders executed in auction period: 1 euro

The national custody commission is: 0.033% + VAT with a minimum of 1.25 + VAT per value.

International exchanges:
Europe Up to € 30,000 € 15

More than € 30,000 0.15%
London Up to £ 30,000 15 GBP

Over £ 30,000 0.15% GBP
Stockholm Up to KRN 300,000 150 KRN

More than 300,000 KRN 0.15%
United States Up to $ 30,000 15 USD (50 OTC)

More than $ 30,000 0.20%
South America

The international custody commission is:

0.017% + VAT with a minimum of € 2.5 + VAT

The commissions ETFs , both national and international be traced to the structure of the shares.

The commissions of the investment funds will depend on the criteria of each one of them, such as:

Entry fee
Exit commission
Deposit fee
Management commission
Custody commission
Results Commission
Renta 4 future commissions

Income 4
Future IBEX 35 0 – 100 (monthly volume) > 100

€ 8.2 € 6 1.3 €
Future Mini IBEX  0 – 400 > 400

€ 1.45 € 1.25 € 0.45
Stock futures 0 – 100 > 100

2.3 0.9 0.2% (min € 2)
CBOT, CME, Comex, Nymex futures 0 – 100 > 100

$ 12 $ 10

Eurex futures € 7 € 5

Option fees

Income 4 MEFF
Stock Options € 1.05 € 0.2 (min. € 2)
Options on Mini IBEX € 0.95 € 0.15 (min € 2)
CME $ 5.5

Eurex € 4

Rent 4 CFDs commissions

Rate Minimum
Spanish shares 0.10% 5 EUR
Europe Shares 0.15% 12 EUR
English stocks 0.15% £ 12
US Shares 0.18% 18 USD
Indices, raw materials market fork (variable)

Forex Commissions

In Forex the commissions or spreads are not detailed on the web.

But we do have information on leverage , which is slightly lower than what we find in other Forex brokers.

For example, in the EURUSD and EURJPY, the leverage is 25: 1 and 16.6: 1 respectively, while in other brokers we can find 30: 1 for both assets.

In addition, the minimum nominal is 20,000 units, different from the typical 1,000 of other forex brokers.

Warrants Rent 4 Rates

Kind Commission
Commerzbank Warrants and Turbo Warrants € 2.95

RCBs secondary market 0.25%

RCBs primary market 1% nominal
Other issuers
€ 5.95
Fixed Income Rates

Commission Minimum
Fixed Income Primary Markets 0.3% nominal

Tailor-made primary markets 1% nominal

Electronic secondary markets 0.25% nominal

National public debt 0.1% nominal

National private debt 0.1% effective € 6
International debt 0.1% effective € 10
Renta 4 account commissions

The account fees are:

Account maintenance: € 3 per month (exempt when operating more than 25 times a month)
Multi-currency account maintenance: € 5 per month
Collection of national dividends: 0.075%, minimum € 0.09
Collection of international dividends: 0.1%, minimum € 0.6
Renta 4 commission conclusion

From what we see, the commissions have not changed anything in recent years.

It seems that Renta 4 has a fairly stable commission structure, which I suppose will not be easy to change given the profile of physical presence that the broker has, which makes its expense structure quite difficult to eliminate, which makes it very difficult any possible reduction of rates.

They are still one of the most interesting in the Spanish national market, especially if we want to do intraday, the market where Renta 4 is one of the cheapest brokers.

In other markets, however, it is a much more expensive option than part of the competition, especially in CFDs, Forex and futures.

In CFDs, for example, we can find brokers with half the cost when trading.

Now, few brokers are going to find that allow a variety of products as large as Renta 4. Normally the cheapest brokes are those specialists in each niche.

Renta 4 is a multi-product type broker that is aimed at medium and high incomes.

The minimums for international actions; maintenance costs, management costs, etc., make this a broker aimed at clients with high purchasing power.

It is not a very suitable broker for retail clients with little capital.

For example, in Forex trading, the minimum of 20,000 units makes it a bit difficult for a retail trader.

Rent 4 reviews

Renta 4 is one of the benchmark brokers in the Spanish national market.

Being a broker and bank at the same time it is one of the safest and most serious brokers that we can choose in the Spanish investment scene, so it is not surprising that it enjoys quite positive opinions on most of the specialist websites in the sector. , such as Rankia or the virtual exchange .

The only complaint that we can see is related to some international market commissions, which are higher than other competitors, but which is compensated by the security offered by the group,

Being a company fully specialized in the brokerage business, it offers commissions that are among the best in the sector in Spain, especially in intraday stock trading.

Its minimum intraday commission for small amounts makes it one of the cheapest brokers to operate the Spanish market, suitable even for not too large accounts.

In futures and CFDs it is in the national sector average.

In this case, remember that the cheapest are American brokers, with a great difference compared to Spanish ones.

Many investors always try to compare Renta 4 with other national brokers, such as ClickTrade, ActivoTrade, and the like, or even with international brokers such as Interactive Brokers.

Normally people try to see if they can get considerable savings by choosing one broker or another, in which case Renta 4 can be more or less expensive than its competitors, but always remember that one of the strengths of this broker is its institutional nature. gives you a lot of security.

In 2017 and 2018 we don’t see many complaints, and clients and potential clients are interested in product ranges, such as funds, CFDs, and price and quality issues.

We continue to find no serious complaints regarding the broker.

Is Renta 4 safe?

I can say, without fear of being wrong, that Renta 4 is one of the safest Spanish and European brokers, that as a bank it has the backing of the Spanish financial system and the Bank of Spain with all the guarantees that this entails.

Even in a broker bankruptcy event we can be sure that the authorities would look to save our money and return a good part of the money with the guarantee funds. However, an Income 4 bankruptcy is unlikely.

For the rest, this is a totally serious broker, and that in our opinion, is totally recommended, especially for people with significant capital, who like to have their money in a broker with a long tradition and with a great physical presence throughout Spain, making this broker ideal for business in person.

Someone who wants to invest € 80,000, for example, can have more confidence if they go to an office than do it directly online.

Our opinion of Renta 4

With Renta 4 we have worked in the past for both intraday trading and long-term investment of significant amounts.

Both for the one and the other we are talking about an honest broker and with whom we will not find any problem.

Imagine that you have 100,000 euros and want to invest in a German or American bond directly. Well, Renta 4 can do that for you, and it can do it with the utmost confidence, without you having to worry about anything because the transaction will be carried out without problems. Remember that not all brokers allow you to buy that type of public debt directly.

As for intraday trading, it is also an excellent broker, especially for execution on the IBEX and the Spanish Stock Exchange, of which it is a leading player.

Many people complain about commissions and others, but normally they are people who are very focused on day trading and seek to make scalping strategies or the like, for which other types of brokers offer better trading conditions, especially in international markets, Forex and futures.

Another thing is in the Spanish national stock market where Renta 4 has very good commissions and conditions.

However, for newbies, that people try to do this type of strategies does not mean that they are going to make a profit, since short-term day trading strategies are very difficult, so in the end that a broker can offer 0, 4 and another 2 in the EURUSD does not make a big difference, because what traders should do is look for trades that last a little longer.

In short, if what you are looking for is a trustworthy broker, sure, with offices where you can go in person to speak with their managers, but also the possibility of negotiating only online, Renta 4 is one of your options without a doubt.

For more information , visit website .

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