Sucden Financial reviews


Country: UK
Regulation: FCA
Type: traditional multi-product broker
Minimum deposit: 5,000 USD
Deposit method: transfer
Platforms: J Trader, Currenex, MetaTrader 4
Commissions: to be negotiated
What is Sucden Financial?

Sucden Financial is one of the world’s leading international brokers .

This broker, originally from France, has offices in Moscow, Hong Kong and London, in addition to Paris, being a broker regulated by the financial organizations of those countries, including the FCA.

Sucden Argentina, Mexico, Peru

Furthermore, Sucden has a very important presence in the world raw materials markets, and in particular in many Latin American countries, given its importance in those markets. This is done through the company’s parent business, the Sucden conglomerate.

The origin of the Sucden company is in 1952, being a company belonging to the sugar business.

Minimum deposit happens

The minimum deposit to open account with this broker is USD 5,000, which must be made by transfer.

Being a multi-product broker, it offers many different platforms such as STAR, J-Trader, Sucden FX Trader, Currenex, MetaTrader 4 and FIX API.

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Risk warning!


Sucden Financial Products and Commissions


This broker offers trading of stocks, futures, Forex, CFDs, options, bonds, etc., covering practically all markets.

Likewise, the broker is an important participant in the LME market, where it is still “voice” trading.

In Forex, Sucden offers trading in spot instruments, OTC options and also access to the corresponding futures markets.

In stocks, it offers access to the world’s major markets, as well as CFDs and futures and options on individual stocks.

Futures access is global, with a presence in almost all the main markets in the world. In this field the group has a long history in the sugar niche and agricultural futures.

Likewise, the broker provides trading in raw materials Over The Counter (OTC), in CFD modality.

The metals may be traded in their CFDs or in the major futures of COMEX or NYMEX.

The commissions of trading will have to be negotiated depending on the size and volume of the customer. This is a broker that is obviously aimed at large clients.

Sucden Financial reviews

This is, without a doubt, one of the main international brokers in the world, which offers a wide variety of services and products.

The only but is that the broker seems aimed at professional clients, with large portfolios or institutional, not having a simple commission table to guide us. The latter, as already mentioned, will have to be negotiated.

Although the minimum requirement to open an account is USD 5,000, we think that it is a broker suitable for larger or professional accounts.

As a negative point, the broker does not offer customer service in Spanish.

For more information, visit the website .

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