SureTrader review


Country: Bahamas
Regulation: Central Bank of The Bahamas
Markets: US stocks and options
Minimum deposit: there is not, but 500 USD is required to do day trading of shares
Deposit methods: transfer, card, Skrill, Neteller
Commissions: $ 4.95 per transaction.
Platforms: Web, SureTrader Pro, Mobile SureTrader.

SureTrader is a Bahamas Islands broker specialized in intraday stock trading, which offers leverage of up to 6: 1 and to which the restrictions for day trading in US stocks do not apply, since, remember, it cannot be done day trading with accounts of less than 25,000 USD.

SureTrader is regulated by the Central Bank of the Bahamas.

To deposit funds is through transfer, which will be free. However, to withdraw money you have to pay a commission of 50 USD. It can also be done by card, Skrill or Neteller.

SureTrader minimum deposit

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The minimum to open an account is 500 USD , which is necessary for day trading of shares.

There is an inactivity fee of $ 50 on the account that is charged each quarter unless 15 or more trades have been made.

This broker offers more than 10,000 shares, including penny stocks. In this field, it is one of the few brokers that allows it to get short in many of these penny stocks, which is what the Americans call peas, that is, small-cap companies.

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Risk warning!

In addition to stocks, there is also options trading.

For day trading in stocks the minimum is 500 USD. However, since the commission is USD 4.95 per operation, we recommend operating with somewhat larger accounts in this broker.


SureTrader fees and conditions


The share fee is $ 4.95 per trade up to 1,000 shares. Then, 0.00495 per share will have to be added.

In options, the commission is 4.95 USD plus 1 USD per contract.

Telephone operations cost an additional $ 30.

The exercise of options will be loaded with 30 USD.

Software Fees

The Web platform is free.

The SureTrader Pro platform costs $ 49 per month.

The iSureTrader iPhone platform costs $ 25 per month.

There will be no monthly commissions for “level 1” data from Nasdaq, NYSE or AMEX.

Yes there will be for:

$ 15 per month for Pink Sheet.
$ 15 per month for OPRA options. 30 for professionals.
$ 15 per month for E-Mini futures.
Nasdaq Total Market Depth, $ 20.
25 USD for Pink Sheets (level 2).
50 USD for OPRA options (level 2).
15 USD for NYSE ARCA Book.
58 for CME futures.
Routing fees:
NITE: 0.001
PBBB: 0.001
HELIX: 0.003
POST: 0.003
HPPO: 0.003
JPCC: 0.003
INET: 0.003
INET RouteOut: 0.004
ARK: 0.004
XDOT: 0.003
BATS: 0.003
BATSY: 0.003
EDGX: 0.003
EDGA: 0.001
EDGA RouteOut: 0.003
PDQM: 0.003
NQBX: 0.003
KNIT: 0.0015
ITGI: 0.003
Other commissions

Leverage will only be valid for accounts with more than 500 USD.

Accounts with less than 100 USD will be automatically liquidated.

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To go short in stocks with a value less than 2.50 USD, you will have to have 2.50 USD per share, which means that even if we go short in a stock that is worth 0.50, we will have to put 2.50 USD per share, that is, that would be a kind of reverse leverage .

Leverage will only be valid for major stocks that are not on the volatility list.

Leverage cannot be more than 2: 1 at night.

The nightly interest rate is 7.5%.

SureTrader platforms

As we mentioned before, SureTrader platforms are ActiveWeb, PRO and iSureTrader Mobile.

SureTrader review

This broker can be a good option for those who want to do day trading of American stocks with maximum leverage and without the requirement of 25,000 USD for an account in the US.

However, the amount of expenses and extra commissions is so great that we do not believe it is appropriate to open a small account of 500 USD to do day trading of shares in the US.

With all those expenses, a much larger account would be advisable. And still, the monthly costs of many extra apps can be quite a drag on a medium account, especially if you can’t win quickly.

That is, even though the minimum is 500 USD, in practice it is not advisable to try to open an account with a very low figure.

Whoever wants to do day trading with this broker will have to study in detail, what he is going to do to avoid falling into the trap of ending up paying too many commissions later without knowing where they come from.

On the other hand, it is a broker that has a chat, a direct telephone line and email, but its website is not in Spanish.

For more information, visit the website .

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