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What is Tradestation?

TradeStation is one of the best-known multi-product brokers in the United States and in the world.

This prestige goes back a long way and was always considered one of Interactive Brokers’ main competitors in the world brokerage scene.

Interestingly, the division for international traders is through an alliance with the latter broker, while the technology, platforms and others are provided by Tradestation. This subsidiary is the so-called

Therefore, the main website,, is intended for customers in the United States only.

Today it belongs to one of the largest brokers in Japan and the world,  Monex Group , which also acquired the well-known forex broker IBFX, although later IBFX has stopped offering services and therefore Tradestation is only focused on stocks. , futures and financial options.

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Risk warning!

Tradestation broker


Therefore, this is one of the   strongest brokers in the world backed by one of the strongest companies in the sector in Japan.

Logically, Tradestation is a perfectly regulated broker, either in Japan, in the US, or in Europe, from where it operates with the international division of TradeStation in the United Kingdom.

This makes it supervised by the SEC and NFA in the United States and the Japanese FSA.

TradeStation minimum deposit

The minimum deposit to open an account is $ 500 whether the account is for stocks or futures.

In summary:

Stocks and options: 500 USD
Margin Shares: $ 2,000
Futures: 500 USD
Day trading in stocks: $ 30,000

Deposits must be made by transfer or check.

The opening and deposit process will depend on whether we want to trade stocks and options or financial futures, the products available at this broker.

Accounts are protected by the American SIPC up to $ 500,000 in shares and $ 250,000 in cash.

In addition, Tradestation has an agreement with Lloyd’s of London, by which each account is insured up to $ 24.5 million in cases of share portfolios, and up to 900,000 in cash.

TradeStation demo

This broker offers demo account services, with which we can check the quality of its platform and products on site; fully recommended function for anyone who wants to review the quality of the product.

Tradestation customer service

Tradestation is a broker with excellent customer service.

For this, it has telephone numbers available during Monday to Friday throughout the American session.

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In addition, it also has an email contact service ( ).

For international and European accounts we are redirected to Tradestation-International, a subsidiary that uses Tradestation technology and is an introductory broker for Interactive Brokers .

Tradestation platform

TradeStation offers its services on one of the   most complete and well-known multi-product platforms on the market, its own TradeStation platform.

We can use this platform in its mobile, web and PC version.

Other products of TradeStation’s own software are:

Matrix: with exclusive market depth data
RadarScreen: monitors more than 1,000 assets in real time and is capable of handling more than 180 indicators to create the most complex trading strategies
OptionStation Pro: dedicated especially to the operation of options.

TradeStation offers training services such as:

Tradstation laboratories where we will have market analysis by analysts, being a service focused on market information and  technical analysis . Likewise, there are interviews with traders.
Trading University, with several books and online video tutorials, where we have educational resources on all aspects of financial markets as well as on the TradeStation platform, one of the most popular on the market. Among the free books provided by TradeStation we have: “Trading Options with OptionStation” and “Getting Started with RadarScreen.
TradeStation organizes various online events, courses and webinars. Also, personal training can be acquired online. The amount of resources of this type is enormous, with online videos of previous sessions as proof.
TradeStation fees and conditions

Stock  commissions  are $ 5 as a fixed fee.

Operating small blocks can earn you a penny per share. This is for when we partially settle an order; that is, a smaller order than expected, for example.

For high volume traders you can get a commission of 0.002 USD per share.

Financial options at TradeStation

They can be operated through OptionStation Pro in conjunction with the TradeStation.

The  fees  for financial options will be $ 0.50 per contract plus $ 5 per transaction without fees software.

Futures at TradeStation

TradeStation offers the main American and European markets including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, LIFFE.

Commissions  as low as $ 0.25 per future without market expenses, if a certain volume level is met. That is, they can be very low for traders who make a lot of monthly volume, normally in tens of thousands of contracts.

Commissions start at $ 1.50 for standard contracts and 0.50 for micro contracts. Plus, there’s no extra software to pay.

Other commissions
Investment funds: USD 14.95
Bonuses: $ 14.95 + $ 5 per bonus

There will be an account maintenance fee for futures, options and stocks if a minimum number of trades per month is not reached, such as 10 future round-turns or 5,000 shares per month. Otherwise, $ 99.95 will be charged, which is not a recommended broker for someone who does not operate frequently.

Risk warning

This is one of the most complete brokers on the international scene  to operate multi-product accounts from the same provider and platform.

Do CFDs offer Tradestation?

Being a broker based in the United States does not offer CFDs since these products are prohibited in that country.

CFDs are not even offered in the international affiliate.

Therefore, if what you want is to trade with these products you will have to look for another broker.

TradeStation Summary
Country : USA
Regulation : NFA, FINRA, SIPC.
Minimum deposit : 500 USD for stocks and futures. 1,000 USD for
Deposit method:  Transfer or check.
Platform:  TradeStation platform
Products:  stocks, futures, options, forex (international division)
Commissions:  from $ 5 in shares, from $ 0.50 (plus 5 USD) option.
Others:  account fees $ 99.95 in case of not reaching a minimum of operations per month.
TradeStation reviews “Is TradeStation safe?”

One of the best multi-product brokers in the world, in which we can operate any market.

Due to account maintenance costs, TradeStation is not a suitable broker for the long-term investor, unless TradeStation is a regular market operator.

For day traders and frequent traders, it is one of the best brokers out there.

Their stock commissions are among the best on the market.

However, let’s not forget that to do day trading in shares you have to have $ 30,000.

The fact that they have lowered the initial minimum to open an account from $ 5,000 to $ 500 seems a good thing but in reality you have to be careful because an amount as small as $ 500 is not very efficient when it comes to trading the markets and paying commissions in stocks, options or futures. In other words, it would be better to open an account with a larger quantity.

Now, for European customers and in general, from outside the United States, we will have to use the services of Tradestation-International.

This affiliate is really interesting because we will be able to use the TradeStation software but with the Interactive Brokers products. In addition, the commissions will be similar to that of this broker.

This is a broker for people who are serious.

Tradestation Advantages:
Broker with a global profile, although for international clients it must be used by its other subsidiary
Good software with good reputation
Customer service
Easy to use
Decent commissions
Good broker for high purchasing power traders
Disadvantages of Tradestation:
It would be nice if you could unify your entire offer for both US and international clients, just like Interactive Brokers does.
Charges fees for market data
Not highly recommended for operators who do not operate frequently

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