Trading 212 reviews


What is Trading 212?


Trading212 is one of the CFD brokers with the largest international presence.

It has also joined the global real stock trading market with its new subsidiary Trading212 Invest.

This broker, originating in Bulgaria is regulated by the English FCA with registration 609146. It is also regulated by the responsible body in Bulgaria. Therefore, clients, depending on where they open the account, will be protected by the English FSCS for £ 50,000 and up to 90% of the money by the Bulgarian IFC, with a limit of € 20,000.

This broker offers customer service in numerous languages, including Spanish.

Its presence is quite strong in the UK and Germany.

Trading 212 open account

To open account with this broker you have to follow a fairly simple procedure.

Invest in the world’s leading social trading platform

Risk warning!

We will have to put our data in the online form and then we will proceed to send a copy of our identity documents and proof of residence by email.

The proof of residence, as usually happens, is an invoice of the electricity or water bills with our address, or also an extract or bank account.

Once the Trading 212 team reviews and accepts our account, we can deposit the money and start trading.

The minimum to open an account is 100 EUR or 100 USD.

The deposit and withdrawal of funds can be done by card, paypal or transfer.

Deposits will have no cost by Trading 212 and withdrawals will only apply this concept to transfers because they have to be done manually.

Customer service

The customer service is quite good, having a telephone service in Spanish.

We can also consult questions by chat on their website.

We may also communicate by email with


Trading Training & Resources 212

Trading 212 has several learning channels for its clients or even potential clients. Some of them are:

Discover which are the best brokers on the market
Tutorial videos
Articles on the world of Forex
Introduction to Technical Analysis
How to use charts
Economic news
Economic calendar
Trading 212 Forex and markets

This broker does not apply commission in its forex operations.

The commission is included in the spread.

An important point is that the minimum Forex trading is 5 thousand units, somewhat higher than many brokers that offer from one thousand (0.01 k). Therefore, the minimum operation is one twentieth of a classic batch.

In raw materials such as gold the minimum contract size is 2 ounces. In stocks it is normally 10 titles. In the indices this will normally be multiplying the price of the same by 1. That is, if the DAX is at 12,000 points, that will be the size of the contract.

Unlike other brokers that offer mostly Metatrader 4 and other platforms, Trading 212 has developed its own web platform. It also has the possibility of operating from a mobile device, both in Apple and Android.

Trading Fees and Conditions 212

In stocks there will be a minimum commission of 2 EUR for the shares and no commission in the indices.

There will be no commission on raw materials. The cost is included in the spread.

All CFDs will have SWAP interests depending on the position and the product.

Gold 0.35
Petroleum 0.48
Dax 30 one
SP 500 0.5
IBEX 35 7
Bitcoin 47.5
Ethereum 6
Actions Market spread

These trading conditions are the data corresponding to the average of what we can expect. However, in moments of low liquidity we can see higher spreads. Likewise, with the passage of time Trading 212 will change these data, with what may vary with those exposed here, until they are updated.

The leverage offered in Europe by the  ESMA regulation  is:

products New leverage
Main Forex pairs 30: 1 or 3.33% margin
Main indices, gold and minor Forex pairs 20: 1 or 5% margin
Lower indices, commodities and exotic Forex pairs 10: 1 or 10% margin
Actions 5: 1 or 20% margin
Cryptocurrencies 2: 1 or 50% margin
Country: Bulgaria, UK
Regulation : FCA
Products: CFDs and forex.
Type: STP . No money table.
Deposit: Paypal, card, transfer.
Minimum deposit: 150.
Platform: Web and mobile.
Forex commission: fixed spread, EURUSD 1.9
Stock commission: minimum € 2 plus spread.
Raw materials commission: spread. Gold 0.5
Index commission: spread. IBEX 8 points
Trading 212 reviews 2018

This is a Forex and CFD broker with quite a good international reputation.

However, it is not suitable for flexible trading or small accounts, since, unlike much of its competition, it does not allow trading in minilotes of Forex, or with 1 ounce in gold, with a minimum of 5 ounces. or 5 thousand units. This is not bad, but it is not suitable for small accounts.

We can find many opinions of this broker on different sites both in Spanish and in English, sites such as: rankia , trading united or forexpeacearmy , where it does not go very badly, something to take into account.

We can also find opinions in the forex factory .

A site where we can find many opinions, is on reddit, some even from 2017 and 2018. Some of the opinions are not very good there, especially related to cryptocurrencies.

In principle, their spreads and conditions are not among the worst in the market, after analyzing other competitors

Risk warning

For example, the 47.5 spread in Bitcoin is one of the lowest in the CFD broker circuit. However, these types of instruments are very complicated to operate and I think that many newbies will pay dearly for trying, blaming the brokers on occasions.

On that site, reddit, there are people who speak highly of the platform and others who say it took time to send them the money.

As with all the brokers of the difficult international forex market and CFDs, we are going to find complaints, but in this case they are less numerous than in their competitors.

Is it a safe broker? Is Trading 212 legit?

In principle, it seems so, because it is fully and fully regulated by the English FCA , so if we open them, we should be covered with their regulatory protection and the financial protection of the FSCS.

There are people who are concerned that the broker is Bulgarian, but as I mentioned just now, it is regulated in England, so we should have a guarantee out there. Nor is this to say that the regulation of Bulgaria is not serious.

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