XM Deposit – How do I deposit money into my XM account?


XM Deposit, This is the second in the series of three articles where we show you how the XM broker works . This time we are going to show you how to validate your account and how to make a money deposit to start investing. We will also analyze the forms of income that the broker allows and the particularities that you must take into account in each of them.

This series of articles is based on our real experience since we have previously opened a real account at XM , we have deposited real funds , we have carried out a couple of operations and then we have requested to withdraw the money . In this way you can see how these processes are carried out in a graphic way.

As we will see below, depositing funds into your XM account is quite simple and agile . In compliance with the investor protection directives , the funds of the clients of this online broker are deposited in bank accounts separate from those of the broker itself, and cannot be used or affected by the financial situation of the company. XM is also one of the brokers that offers the best forms of deposit and withdrawal to its clients.

How is a money deposited into your XM account?

In the previous article (Real Experience: Opening an Account in the XM Broker) we have requested the registration of an account in XM by filling in the online form, we have received our access data and finally we have downloaded and installed the MetaTrader 4 trading platform .

To start the process of depositing funds and have your XM account ready to start investing, you will have to do the following:

1 – Access the XM website and click on the button at the top ” User Access “.


Then you must indicate the number of your account and the corresponding password that you have previously received by e-mail after requesting the registration in XM and click on the ” Access ” button .


2 – When accessing your user area you will see that, before depositing funds, it is necessary to validate your account .

As in many other online brokers, due to the demands of the regulatory bodies to which XM is subject , in order to operate safely and avoid money laundering, it is necessary that you previously send the broker a proof that proves your identity and another that shows the address where you reside.

To start the validation process, click on the ” Validate Account ” button.


As you can see in the following screenshot, you need to pass 2 verifications and therefore upload 2 different documents:

– Proof of Identity : It is about uploading a document that proves your identity. You can carry a copy of your ID for both sides, your passport or driving license . In any case, it must be an official document that shows your identity and that is current . Please note that the document you send must not be expired.

Ideally, you should have any of these documents scanned and upload them using a file in PDF, GIF, JPG or PNG format. The image must have good quality and be readable, otherwise it may give you problems to verify it. If you do not have a scanner, you can use your mobile camera or a digital camera, but it is important that the image is fully legible.

– Proof of Residence : In this case it is a question of proving your country of residence and your current address. You will need to upload a legible, scanned or photographed invoice showing your current address. Your name and address must appear clearly and be recent (not more than 6 months). It must correspond to a recurring utility bill (for example, electricity, water, gas, or telephone).


You must select the corresponding documents by clicking on the ” Browse ” buttons and finally click on the ” Upload your Documents ” button. After this operation you will receive the following message:


In our case, XM has validated the documents in 40 minutes . Keep in mind that the term is variable , it will depend on the day and time you upload the documents, but doing so on working days, it is most likely that they will carry out the validation in less than 24 hours. As soon as the documentation validation is positive by the XM broker you will receive a warning email like the following:


If the validation is negative , check the requirements that we discussed above and if you have any questions, you can contact XM’s customer support department . We recommend that, if you need to contact XM, you do so through Online Chat , since they serve you during business hours and are quick to answer any questions.

3 – Once you have validated your account, you can access your user area again and click on the ” Deposit Funds ” button. Next, it will show us the payment methods available to make the deposit in XM :


IMPORTANT : Choosing the payment method to make your deposit at XM is a key point to start investing quickly and also to avoid having problems when withdrawing money later .

In the face of a subsequent withdrawal of funds, you must bear in mind that the policy of the XM broker (as also happens in other brokers to comply with the requirements of regulatory bodies) is to execute the withdrawal of funds by the same means of payment for which the funds have been deposited , whenever possible.

For example, if you deposit by credit card, they will try to refund the money to the same card, if you do it by transfer, they will try to execute the refund in the same bank account, … Therefore, it is important that this means of payment is still available at the time in that you are going to withdraw the money and also that, in case they request it, you can demonstrate that you are the ownerof that card, bank account, … This issue of the withdrawal of funds is one of the points that causes more doubts among XM clients, but taking into account these tips that we discussed, you will avoid problems when withdrawing your money .

XM Deposit Methods

The payment methods available to deposit funds in the XM broker are the following:

– Credit Card : You can make your deposit with a Visa credit card, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Diners Club or XM’s own Mastercard Card. In any case, the card must be in your name. The minimum deposit is $ 5, € 5 or equivalent currency. The balance will be added to your account immediately making it a quick way to start investing.

– Skrill : Skrill , formerly known as MoneyBookers, is an electronic payment method with which you can deposit money into your XM account. The balance will be added immediately to your account and the minimum deposit is $ 5, € 5 or equivalent currency.

– Neteller, Paysafecard or WebMoney : You can deposit money into your XM account through one of these electronic payment methods. Through these forms of electronic payment the balance will be immediately added to your account. The minimum deposit is also $ 5, € 5 or equivalent currency.

– MoneyGram : You can deposit money into your XM account also through this means of sending money. Through MoneyGram the balance will be added to your account in about 24 hours. The minimum deposit in this case is $ 100, € 100 or equivalent currency. Withdrawals if you pay by MoneyGram will be executed by bank transfer so the process takes longer.

– Bank transfer : You can also make your deposit using a conventional bank transfer. For this form of payment the minimum deposit is also $ 5, € 5 or equivalent currency. XM will provide you with all the data to make the transfer (Barclays Bank bank account). Keep in mind that your bank may charge you some type of commission for making this international transfer. Once the transfer has been made, the money will appear in your XM balance between 2 to 5 working days approximately.

Choose the way that you think is most convenient and make the deposit of money that you consider appropriate to start operating. We have made € 100 through a Skrill account to create this real experience of depositing and withdrawing funds at XM .


In our case, after choosing Skrill / MoneyBookers as the payment method, indicating the email that identifies our account, indicating the amount (€ 100) and clicking on the ” Deposit ” button , the Skrill payment page opens and we asks us to log in with your our account and confirm the corresponding payment.

After completing these steps, we receive the following message in the XM client area and the balance is already in our account at the moment.


4 – It is time to verify that our account is already active and that on the trading platform (which we have seen how to download and install in the previous article ) MetaTrader 4 already has the balance that we have deposited available to invest .

To do this we run MetaTrader 4 (we must have the icon on the desktop of our computer) and the trading platform will open. If the MT4 login window has not automatically opened for you (with the access data that we already had configured), you can access it through the top menu option “File” >> “Login to Trade Account”.


As you can see, the € 100 that is least deposited in our MetaTrader 4 balance already appears. This balance is broken down into two movements for the following reason:

Skrill generally charges a commission of 1.9% + € 0.29 per transaction. XM’s policy is to return to the customer, whenever possible, the commissions that the different means of payment may apply . In this case we see that the first movement of € 97.81 corresponds to the result of discounting the € 100 that we wanted to deposit the corresponding Skrill commission of € 2.19. In the next move precisely € 2.19 it is the XM broker himself that reimburses us for the commission charged by Skrill. You should take into account that this commission refund is not available for all payment methods.

With these steps that we have carried out, our account at XM is ready to start investing . In the following article from our real experience we will show you how the process of withdrawing money from your XM account works .


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