XTB Deposit : How to make a Deposit in the XTB Broker?


XTB Deposit, This is the second article , in the series of three articles that make up our real experience in which we show you step by step how the XTB online broker works .

This time we are going to see how a money deposit is made , we will analyze the available income methods and the particularities that you must take into account in each case.

Regarding the security of XTB, clients’ funds are stored in bank accounts segregated from those of the broker itself and cannot be used or affected by the financial situation of the company.

In addition XTB participates in the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which guarantees a maximum of £ 50,000 from each investor .


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How do you deposit money into your XTB account?

In the previous article in this series (Real Experience: Opening an Account in the XTB Broker) we have filled out the registration form for a trading account and then have sent the necessary documents to validate our identity and address.

At this time our account is verified and we can already deposit funds to start investing. The steps to follow are those:

1 – Now when accessing the “Customer Office” of XTB, if we go to the ” Deposits ” option in the top menu, we will see a screen like the following:




IMPORTANT : As we discussed in other previous real experiences, the proper choice of payment method to make your deposit is key to start investing quickly and also to have no problems when you go to withdraw your money later .

The most regulated online brokers usually default execute withdrawals via the same payment method you used to deposit funds . For example, if you have deposited your funds by credit card, at the time of withdrawal they will try to refund the money to the same card. If you do it by transfer, they will try to reimburse you in the same bank account, … This is usually done for security and to prevent money laundering, preventing the withdrawal of funds from being made to a different holder than the one who has deposited.

By default in the specific case of XTB, the withdrawal of funds is usually done by bank transfer , so it is important that, regardless of the means of payment you use to deposit, you have in your name a bank account that you are the holder of . In addition, the means of payment you use to deposit must also be in your name and be able to prove it in the event that they request it.

XTB Deposit payment methods

The payment methods available to make a deposit in your XTB account are the following:

– Bank transfer : You can make your deposit by bank transfer. From here in Spain the account to which we must send the money at the time of this real experience belongs to the HSBC bank in London. This may vary if your country of origin is different. XTB will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can issue the transfer and although the broker does not charge any commission, keep in mind that your bank may charge you some type of commission for making this bank transfer since it is an international transfer. Once you make the transfer, it will take approximately 2 to 5 working days for the money to be received and processed by the XTB broker.

– Visa or MasterCard cards : You can also make your deposit through any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. This card must be in your name. The XTB broker does not charge any commission for using this payment method.

– Paypal : Paypal is one of the most popular electronic means of payment worldwide. You can use it to deposit funds into your XTB broker trading account but there is a commission from the broker of 2% of the amount you send.

– Skrill : Skrill, previously known as MoneyBookers, is also an electronic means of payment with which you can also deposit money into your XTB account. Like the Paypal case, there is a commission from the broker of 2% of the amount you send.

– Neteller : This is another electronic payment method similar to Paypal or Skrill. In this case there is also a commission from the broker that corresponds to 4% of the amount you send.

2 – According to the previous information, choose the payment method that you think is most convenient to make the deposit and also the amount of money that you consider appropriate to start investing.

For this real experience, we are going to deposit € 200 in our trading account and we have chosen bank transfer as the deposit method, since, although it is a little slower than other payment methods, it has no commission for us and also It is the available way to withdraw by default in this broker.

By clicking on “ Bank Transfer ” we have on the screen all the data necessary to issue the transfer :




It is important that in the concept of the transfer you put exactly what they indicate in “Description of the transfer” , which in this case is our XTB trading account number, since it is the way they use to know who the Deposit.

3 – Now you must wait for the transfer to be completed and the money becomes available in your trading account. In our case it has taken approximately 48 hours since we sent the money. Keep in mind that this period is variable since it will depend on the day and time you make the deposit and the payment method you have used.

4 – As soon as the money deposited is available in your trading account you will see the following in your XTB “Client Office”:




5 – Now you can access the trading platform and start trading . In our case, during the account opening process, we chose the xStation platform, so from the top right of the XTB “Customer Office” we can find the link to enter it. There are currently 2 versions of xStation available, the old one (version 3) and the new one (version 5) which is the one we are going to use:


If in your case you choose the MetaTrader 4 platform during account registration, from here you will also have access to download and install it on your computer and also to the other options available on this platform.

We access xStation 5 and the platform is ready to start trading:


In the following article , and the last of this real experience about the XTB online broker, we will show you step by step how to withdraw money from your trading account:



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