XTB Withdraw – How to Withdraw Money Broker XTB?


XTB Withdraw,  is the last article in this series of three articles in which we show you our real experience step by step on how the XTB online broker works .

In the first of the articles in the series we have opened a trading account on XTB and completed the verification process to leave the account fully activated. Then in the second article we have deposited funds in our account and accessed the trading platform that is ready to start investing.

Now what we are going to do is carry out a real operation and then request the withdrawal of money . Go for it:


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How to withdraw money at the XTB broker?

In the previous article (How to make a Deposit in the XTB Broker) we have seen the necessary steps to make a deposit in our XTB account. We have deposited € 200 and we are ready to start investing.

We have then opened a sell position on the EUR / USD currency pair and closed it in just over 1.5 minutes with a profit of € 0.71. Now we are going to continue with the process and request the withdrawal of all our funds (the € 200 of the initial deposit plus those € 0.71 of benefits, in total € 200.71).


1 – The first step to withdraw funds is to access the XTB “Customer Office” and click on the ” Withdrawals ” option in the top menu

The first time we try to withdraw funds we must register and verify a bank account . As we discussed in the previous article, the default method to withdraw funds from the XTB broker is bank transfer . Therefore, before depositing and working with this broker, it is important that we have a bank account of which we are the owner in order to receive the money without problems and avoid delays or unnecessary incidents. If you do not have a bank account in your name in which to withdraw, it is better to contact the broker first to see what alternatives you have, before depositing.

2 – Indicate in the form the information that is requested about your bank account: Bank name, Account number (IBAN), Currency in which your bank account is and SWIFT / BIC code (in a code that identifies your bank in order to receive international transfers). Also, in the corresponding section, you must upload a bank statement of a recent movement in which your account number is clearly visible and that you are the owner .

As soon as you have everything ready, click on the ” Add bank account ” button and you will receive a message like the following:


3 – In our case, the bank account has been verified without problems in approximately 6 hours since we completed the previous step. As always, you should bear in mind that this period is variable and will depend on the day and time you make the request, since for example it is not the same to do it on a working day than on a weekend,…

When accessing the “ Withdrawals ” option in the “ Customer Office ” again, we see the following:


The bank account is verified and we only have to select our trading account and mark the amount of money we want to withdraw , in our case € 200.71 and click on ” Withdrawals ”

4 – We then receive a summary of the request that we must confirm to execute the withdrawal. If everything is correct click on the “OK” button :


Finally we received confirmation that the withdrawal request has been made:


5 – Now we just have to wait to receive the money in our bank account . We can check the status of the withdrawal also from the ” Withdrawals ” option of the ” Customer Office “:


After requesting the withdrawal, it is “In progress” and finally it will go to the status “Money sent”. In our case we request the withdrawal on a Thursday afternoon and we have received the money (€ 200.71) in the bank account indicated the following Monday at mid-morning (which is less than 2 full working days).


Keep in mind that it is an international transfer and the term can be quite variable depending on the time you request it, day of the week, time, country of destination of the transfer, bank, … but you can get used to the idea of that the average can be between 2 to 5 working days approximately.

We trust that this series of articles from our real XTB trading experience will help you to better understand how this online broker works and to answer any questions you may have about its account opening, deposit of funds and withdrawals processes .

If you have any questions or opinions, you can send them from the comments section at the bottom of this page. You can also freely share these contents or any other on our website that you find interesting with your contacts on social networks. Thanks and good trading.

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